10 Best Video Game Crossovers Of All Time, Ranked

Some fans wonder what it would be like if their favorite video game character made an appearance in an entirely different arena. Fans are wondering if Geralt from the witcher could survive in the world of monster hunter. In a fight between street fighters Chun-Li and Iron Man, fans are wondering who would win. Fans even want to know if mario could beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a race.

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While fighting games are a great choice for gamers to see different franchises cross paths in combat, there are other genres, like RPGs, that approach crossover differently. Instead of asking “Who’s the best?”, these games decide to ask “What if?” This leads to engaging stories that weave many characters, plots, and settings together. In these video game crossovers, fans can see how characters from one franchise interact with characters from another.

The fighting franchise entered the multiversal crossover realm with SoulCalibur II which had console-specific characters. PlayStation 2 owners got Heihachi Mishima from tekkenXbox owners got Spawn and Gamecube owners got Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Soul caliber sequels featured more crossover characters like Darth Vader from star wars,Ezioof AAssassin’s Creed II, and more recently, Geralt of The Witcher 3.SoulCalibur has been a solid fighting game for years, and while the roster could use a few more guest characters, the ones that show up are exciting and fun to play, providing a dream come true for some fans.

9 Inventory Poker Night

When Telltale Games set out to create a casual poker game, they centered the game around the characters, not just the cards. Poker Night at the Inventory featured the player joining an underground poker game with special guests such as At Sam and Max’s Max, Strongbad of Homestar racer celebrity, Penny Arcade Tycho, and Team Fortress 2 The heavy.

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Each character has their own playstyle and the interactions between them are entertaining and hilarious. When the cards fail to impress, the cast of characters provides the fun in Poker Night at the Inventory.

8 Monster Hunter World meets The Monster Hunter Witcher

The whole premise of monster hunter and its many iterations center around the player exploring and hunting specific monsters. These monsters vary in size, species, and difficulty. Geralt de Riv, the main character of the witcher series of games, is literally a monster hunter.

It only made sense for Capcom to team up with CD Projekt Red to bring the silver-haired sword-wielder into the realm of monster hunter world and hunt down an elusive creature. Players had a few story missions with Geralt, then unlocked his armor and face as wearables.

In the minds of fans, hypothetical battles take place all the time. Capcom decided to take some of these assumptions and put them to the test. The Marvel Vs. Capcom game series gave comic book and gaming fans a way to see who would win in epic battles between characters from each franchise.

The Marvel Vs. Capcom games have been released on arcades and many consoles over the years. They’re solid fighting games, though fans tend to lean towards older games as better. They feature a host of characters from the Marvel and Capcom franchises battling it out with fast, smooth gameplay and stunning visuals.

6 Project X Zone was a dream project come true

Bandai Namco created the tactical RPG Project area X like a literal dream project that would bring together characters from every Namco game as well as the Capcom and Sega franchises. While some players may get lost in the fantasy story at the center of Project area Xthe real draw is the sheer number of characters that appear, leaving players guessing who will come out next.

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The first one Project area X the game featured over 90 characters and the sequel has even more. Some of the featured franchises include Ace Attorney, Tekken, Resident Evil, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem, and SoulCalibur among many others.

5 Mario & Sonic At The Olympics Gives A Gold Medal

Two of the game’s biggest icons go head-to-head in an array of sports from the official Olympic Games, Summer and Winter. Mario and Sonic each have a large supporting cast that gives each game a wide variety of characters for players to choose from.

While Mario sports games are well received, the addition of Team Sonic to the official settings of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games designed for a fun and somewhat educational experience, as the games often provided information about the city in which the games are hosted. The sports mini-games were fun and each game featured a range of them that kept players interested.

4 Heroes Of The Storm combines the best Blizzard franchises

When Blizzard decided to enter the MOBA realm, they had great potential with Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard game fans love Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Surveillance were already invested in these properties, so anything new would capture their attention.

Heroes of the Storm created a user-friendly experience combining characters from Blizzard’s franchises into a fun top-down game. Blizzard continues to update and add characters so fans have more reason to get excited and come back to play.

3 Adventure through Disney and Square Enix in Kingdom Hearts

When Square Enix and Disney first teamed up Kingdom Hearts game, two huge fanbases exploded with excitement. Kingdom Hearts follows Sora on his adventures across numerous Disney and Pixar properties as well as Square Enix properties, such as Final Fantasyteaming up with characters from every game, movie or show in his quest to stop the Heartless.

There have been several sequels to Kingdom Heartswith kingdom hearts 4 in the works, which continued to expand into more and more Disney properties. The game offered an interesting and emotional story and fun RPG gameplay and combined it with fan-favorite characters, so players keep coming back to the franchise.

2 Super Smash Bros. is the ultimate melee

Nintendo already has a huge following of fans who will buy almost every major Nintendo property game, and there are plenty of them. When Super Smash Bros. came onto the scene as a brawler fighting game featuring multiple characters from multiple Nintendo franchises, fans were beyond ecstatic.

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The combat gameplay in Super Smash Bros. was fun, challenging and great for parties. As sequels were released, more characters were added to the roster from Nintendo and third-party games. The last opus of Smash Bros. features 82 characters from 40 different franchises, including Minecraft, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Castlevania among many others.

1 Fortnite reigns supreme

Fortnite is an absolute juggernaut when it comes to crosses. What started as a tower defense, cooperative base-building game has grown into one of the biggest gaming properties in the world. Due to its success, entertainment franchises around the world are eager to bring their product into the game.

Characters from other games like Halo and God of the war have appeared with movie characters like Star Wars, Batman, and Marvel movies. There were even in-game gigs with Travis Scott and Marshmellow. Fortnite doesn’t limit its crossovers to games or skins – they host comprehensive events, even hosting a special show for the launch of the trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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