10 best video game moms

While there are many characters who are mothers in video games, many of these characters are throwaway plays that barely leave a mark on the narrative or gameplay. Besides a few slight mentions or being used as a tragic backstory, most fictional mothers can be taken out of a game altogether and basically nothing would change.

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But some maternal characters stand out from the rest. With their wise advice, wise counsel and even their powerful magic, these mothers make a big impact on their games and they are an integral part of their stories.


Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)

Claire protecting Sherry in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

When Claire Redfield decides to drop out of college to search for her older brother Chris in Resident Evil 2 (one of the best games in the franchise), she had no idea she was walking through a zombie-infested nightmare. With the stress of trying to survive in Raccoon City and still not knowing the whereabouts of her only surviving parent, it’s hard to believe that Claire can emotionally handle caring for someone else, but she successfully does this once she meets the girl named Sherry Birkin.

Even with everything going on, Claire immediately prioritizes Sherry’s safety and quickly becomes Sherry’s new mother figure. Later, when it is revealed that Sherry has been infected, Claire works hard to get her vaccinated.

Joyce Madsen (Life is Strange)

best video game mom

While still grappling with the loss of her former husband William Price, Joyce Madsen is an excellent mother to Chloe Price both in the original. Life is strange and the prequel Life is strange: before the storm. Even when Chloe is in trouble or has a fight with her, Joyce remains patient, understanding, and loving towards her. Joyce spends long hours working to support Chloe, which is especially shown in the alternate timeline where Chloe finds herself crippled.

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Shortly after William’s death, the main protagonist, Max Caulfield, and his family left Arcadia Bay, but Joyce tells Max during the events of the game that it’s good that Max has moved on from what happened. . This demonstrates Joyce’s high levels of empathy and understanding. Additionally, when Joyce finds out that her current husband, David, is secretly watching the house, she sides with Chloe because she prioritizes Chloe’s safety and well-being above any love she has for. David.

Leandra Amell (Dragon 2 years)

Leandra talks to her kids Bethany, Carver, and a Hawke man in Dragon Age

Even though she was born into a wealthy and powerful family in Kirkwall, Leandra leaves it all behind after falling in love with a mage named Malcolm and getting pregnant with the player character of Dragon age 2, who could also become a mage. Then, after Malcolm’s death, Leandra continues to love and support her children, and she experiences immense grief when one of Hawke’s siblings dies.

While Leandra is tough on Hawke early in the game, she ends up apologizing for his emotional actions. Throughout the story, she constantly tells Hawke that she loves them and is proud of them. When Leandra dies in Hawke’s arms towards the end of the game, she makes sure to let Hawke know how much they mean to her.

Haruka Hikari (Mega Man Battle Network)

Lan talks to his mother, Haruka, at the start of Megaman Battle Network 1.

Besides being one of the best franchises on Game Boy Advance, the Mega Man Battle Network the series also has one of the best moms. Haruka Hikari is the mother of human protagonist Lan and her NetNavi Mega Man. As a stay-at-home mom, she is mostly seen at home during all games.

Because her husband, Yuichiro Hikari, is constantly at work, she is the primary person in the games to watch Lan and Mega Man making sure they eat properly, get to school on time, and stay safe. . Unlike Yuichiro, who easily puts the burden of saving the world on her children, Haruka is constantly worried about Lan and Mega Man, and she wants them to stay out of trouble.

Ness’s Mum (EarthBound)

Ness's mother at the start of Earthbound talks to Ness.

Although she wants him to stay safe, Ness’ mum in the SNES game Attached to the earth, also known as Mother 2, is an extremely understanding and understanding mother. Instead of forcing Ness and Tracy to stay home, she allows them to go save the world as long as they stay safe. Because of this, the player can visit her during the adventure and she will give them the player’s favorite food, which will restore the health of the group.

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Ness’s love for his mother is shown by the way he has to call her every now and then or he will be homesick, causing him to miss out on tricks during battles. During these calls, she’ll show her love by cheering on Ness and saying she covered it up when a professor has passed by.

“Little” Plum Kitaki (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)

"Little" Plum Kitaki talks about his son Wocky Kitaki in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

When the player first meets “Little” Plum Kitaki in one of the best Nintendo DS games Apollo Justice: Ace Lawyer, she can seem intimidating since she is one of the heads of a powerful Yakuza family. Besides her strong presence, she also has a sword hidden in her broomstick which she sometimes threatens to use.

But, as the player gets to know her, they find out that she is, in fact, a kind mother who loves her family deeply. After her son, Wocky, got shot, Plum and her husband, Winfred, decided to slowly give up on the Yakuza’s lives because they didn’t want it to happen to him anymore. While Wocky is on trial, she constantly worries about his health and well-being, especially when it is revealed that Wocky’s body still has the bullet inside of him.

Koudelka Iasant (Hearts of Shadows)

Split image of Koudelka Iasant talking to a man and looking at a painting in Shadow Hearts

After being the main character in the obscure 1999 JRPG Koudelka, Koudelka became an important supporting character in the 2001 JRPG Shadow hearts. Shortly after giving birth to her son, Halley Brankett, her magical abilities caught the attention of the main antagonist Albert Simon. When he tells her that she has to go with him or that he will kill Halley, she immediately complies in order to protect Halley.

Despite the immense amount of torture she undergoes, she never ceases to resist him. Instead, while being tortured, she psychically directs the main characters in their quest to defeat Albert. Once she finally reunites with Halley, the two set off by boat to America to find Halley’s father, Edward, who was a main character in Koudelka.

Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Clementine and AJ in The Walking Dead: The Last Season.

After the death of Lee Everett, who was one of the best fathers in video games, Clementine took what she had learned from him and became one of the best mothers. Similar to Lee, Clementine set out to protect and raise a young boy named Alvin Jr., commonly referred to as AJ, even though he is not his biological son.

Despite the horrors of this zombie apocalypse world, Clementine sacrifices her own safety and well-being to take care of himself. Also, she tries to make her life a little less bleak by trying to play with and comfort him when she can, which makes her ending as heartbreaking as Lee’s death.

Elmyra Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)

Elmyra laughing with a young Aerith in the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Whether in the original Final fantasy vii or the remake, Elmyra remains one of the most caring and selfless mothers. While waiting for her husband to return from the war, she ran into a young Aerith and her dying birth mother Ifalna. After Ifalna tells Emyra to take Aerith to a safe place and then she is dead, Elmyra decides to adopt Aerith and keep her safe.

Years later, Elmyra also welcomes Barret’s adopted daughter named Marlene after Aerith rescues the child during the Sector 7 plaque collapse. She immediately begins caring for the child and continues to care for the child. look after her while the group goes on a trip.

Nyx (Hades)

Nyx tells Zagreus that she always considered him a son in the Hades video game.

In the roguelike action game Hell, the main character, Zagreus, decides to embark on his journey through the underworld to reach the surface as he discovers that his father, Hades, lied to him and that his birth mother is in fact Persephone. So, against his father’s will, he comes back to the surface to find his biological mother.

But, the main person from the underworld who helps Zagreus on this journey is his foster mother Nyx, who gives him special advice and powers. When Zagreus asks why Nyx is helping him, she simply replies that she sees him as her own son and that she loves him.

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