10 Video Game Characters Taika Waititi Could Play

Filmmaker and actor Taiki Waititi has slowly made a name for himself on the independent film scene with adorable films such as Boy (2010), What we do in the shadows (2014), and Wild Peoples Hunt (2016). That said, it was the mega-hit of 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok which catapulted him into the limelight and made him a household name.

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Her recent performance in Ryan Reynolds’ hit free guy (2021) was inspired by the world of video games, and this connection has led many to ask the same question: what video game characters could Taika play on the big screen? Here are some possible suggestions for iconic characters the charming New Zealander could portray.

ten Darkstalkers Robotic Warrior would be a great choice

Capcom’s Dark Stalkers The franchise has been a much-loved entry into the fighting game genre since 1994. While there have been anime adaptations, the series has yet to see the live-action treatment. However, one character that would surely benefit from Taika’s recognizable voice is Huitzil.

The odd-looking robot is part of an army of identical units created by series villain Pyron, and Taika could bring some of his Korg ways from the Thor films in this role. It would help it turn a potentially forgettable CGI growl menace into something bigger, and it certainly fits the odd vibe of Dark Stalkers.

9 He could create the robots himself as Dr. Bosconovitch

The tekken The fighting game series has a unique roster of characters even compared to some of its peers, from obvious homages to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to giant monsters and even dinosaurs with boxing gloves. One of the other strange fighters is none other than Dr. Bosconobitch: the creator of the androids Jack.

The former Soviet scientist indulges in all manner of mischief, such as cloning, manufacturing his robotic creations, and boasts a particular move set. Someone with Taika’s natural comedic timing might excel in a quirky part like this. All he needs is some age-old makeup and a new haircut.

8 A Bomberman movie could succeed in a post-Sonic world

Not so long ago gamers would have been forgiven for thinking live action sonic the hedgehog the film would never work. Still, the 2020 film was a massive hit and spawned a successful sequel in 2022, opening the doors wide for more unique adaptations to hit screens. One of these new projects could very well be a bomber film.

Granted, Bomberman isn’t exactly known for its witty dialogue (or any dialogue for that matter), but it’s natural to assume that a film adaptation would give the hero his own voice. Taika could bring an important mix of humor and heart to the hero as he fights his way to save the day.

seven Spyro is too cute not to fit

Granted, Spyro the Dragon is usually portrayed as being younger, but Taika’s infectious energy certainly has a boyish charm about it. That said, he could bring something to the role of Spyro that no one else could. This helps make him an easy choice for a live action or animated feature based on the heroic purple dragon.

Taika would also work well with more other voice actors, all of whom could work together to bring the fan-favorite franchise to the screen. An adaptation would also attract a whole generation of new fans who missed out on the original games.

6 Crash Bandicoot equals Taika’s speed

Artists like Taika Waititi sometimes need to let go to do what comes naturally to them. If he took on the voice duties of Playstation icon Crash Bandicoot, viewers would probably have to watch the film at half speed just to keep up.

Crash is destined to make its way onto theater screens sooner or later, and audiences would surely be angry if its goofy antics were paired with Taika’s signature style. Even though the actor didn’t take on the lead role in the project, there are plenty of options for him in this out-of-this-world universe.

5 Otacon would be an unexpected twist

by Konami Solid metal gear The franchise, created by the legendary Hideo Kojima, features countless iconic characters from his decades-long (and still going on) series. With Oscar Isaac set to take on the lead role of Solid Snake, it’s only a matter of time before the supporting cast is set in stone. So letting Taika play a serious role in the guise of Otacon – Snake’s trusty “guy in the chair” – is an interesting proposition.

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Despite his larger than life nature, it’s surprisingly easy to imagine Taika playing a nerdy, pessimistic, and even disgusted character who has to let others fight for him. That said, Otacon, or Dr. Hal Emmerich, has the soul of a hero and would be an essential part of the MSG film series.

4 Taika Could Excel In Mad Max Wasteland

2015 madmax video game already has an existing film franchise. However, if the unstable character of sidekick Chumbucket made the leap from the gaming realm to the cinema screen, Taika would be a shoo-in.

Chumbucket helps the titular Max build and maintain his flagship vehicle, the Magnum Opus, and exact revenge on those who wronged him. The character comes out with plenty of humorous jokes and observations as the duo traverse the desert, so pairing those lines with Taika’s brand of humor is a winning combo.

3 Maybe the Funnyman could play a literal monster role

Sooner or later, somewhere in the multiverse, a Metroid movie is going to happen. It could be all CGI, traditional animation, and maybe even live action, but it happens. Fans have wondered who will play iconic heroine Samus Aran for decades, but what about one of her most terrifying villains?

The relentless alien known as Ridley is a force to be reckoned with, and the usually unspoken creature could do with his own voice. Taika would likely relish the chance to play an absolute villain and, depending on the tone of the movie, could deliver a scaled-down, grim performance or something completely over the top.

2 Let Taika speak one of the greatest (bad) video game lines of all time

In 1991, a European release of the 1989 Japanese video game Zero Wing has resulted in the makings of internet legend. A specific line of dialogue was mistranslated from the game’s opening cutscene and spawned the “All your bases belong to us” line.

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A film adaptation of Zero Wing is unlikely. However, that being said, budgets have been invested in arguably less promising projects. For example, the years 2006 Snakes on a plane shows how little it takes to win the hearts of a generation of memes. Therefore, the chance to hear Taika say the mistranslated phrase alone would be worth the ticket price.

1 Grand Theft Auto could take a gamble and cut your mouth

All of the previous entries on this list, whether live-action or animated, have relied on one key element: Taika Waititi’s iconic comedic voice. So it’s interesting to consider what would happen if he went against type and played a silent, aggressive protagonist in a violent, criminal caper. This would be the case if he took on the role of a character like Claude de Auto grand theft 3.

Taika would be able to deliver a surprisingly brutal turn as the franchise’s first lead actor, and the potential sight of that would draw many curious viewers. He could even take on directing duties and turn the film into a double threat.

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