10 Video Game Covers That Were Cooler Than The Game

Usually, the first thing gamers see when buying a video game is the game’s cover, or its thumbnail in digital stores. Players’ first impressions of a game are often formed by this cover art. Judging a video game solely on its cover is unfair. However, there are times when being impressed by the cover is as good as the game is.

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Other than the game being disappointing or downright terrible, some games don’t live up to the excitement their cover art promises. Some of these games have since been forgotten, and their covers are all that gamers remember. For what it’s worth, these covers did their job of sparking players’ curiosity and interest with just a glance.

10/10 Evolve Wasn’t As Epic Or Interesting As Its Covers Promised

A monster footprint in Evolve

Evolve was made during Left 4 dead prime. The game promised to be bigger and better than the first cooperative first-person shooter (FPS). Evolve a visually striking cover teased the giant monster that players could either play with or team up against. Evolve became one of the most anticipated but disappointing games in history.

Evolve the lack of substance was exacerbated by its sluggish gameplay. Worse, Evolve absurd micro-transactions ruined the goodwill and hype it had built before its release. Evolve barely maintained a player base before its servers were shut down just three years after its release. Evolve the pre-release covers and hype were its most exciting features.

9/10 APB: All Points Bulletin’s sleek cover didn’t reflect how generic it really was

Enforcers and Criminals do battle in APB: Reloaded

APB was released when crime sandboxes were the biggest gaming trend. APB was billed as the multiplayer equivalent of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. The game’s covers and concept art teased a cutting-edge, urban online shooter like no other. Unfortunately, APB the gameplay was so bland that it was discontinued just 10 weeks after launch.

APB was as generic as an online multiplayer shooter could get. Worse, he barely stands out from his contemporaries. APB has been relaunched as a free game APB: Reloaded years after its first failure. Nowadays, APB the cool cover and art remained the most interesting things about the Forgotten Shooter.

8/10 Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s covers hid the game’s monotony

The Blazkowicz family fights in France in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood the cover lived up to the implications of its title. In another 1980, shooter icon BJ Blazkowicz passed on his legacy to his daughters, Jessi and Zofia. by Youngblood the cover promised a schlocky, 80s-style change of pace for the traditionally grounded Wolfenstein Games. Unfortunately, the game was a meandering chore.

young blood turned out to be a generic co-op focused open-world shooter. In addition to the more superficial than amusing feeling of cooperation, young blood had repetitive assignments. Like other uninspired open-world shooters, players liberated neighborhoods populated by the same enemies. by Youngblood colorful cover did not reflect the boredom the game inspired.

7/10 Call Of Duty: Retread WWII Familiar Terrain

A soldier holds his dog tags in Call of Duty: WWII

Some of the hype behind Call of Duty: WWII that’s how it was sold Call of Duty’s back to form. The Second World War simple yet confident coverage promised to take players back to the glory days of the franchise. In place, the Second World War was just another modern disposable Call of Duty game with trappings of the Second World War, not the return of the long series.

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the Second World War was another formula Call of Duty that prioritized micro-transactions and cinematics over actual innovation and fun. If not for its setting, the Second World War would be indistinguishable from less imaginative Black OpsWhere modern warfareentries. The Second World War cover and her promises proved to be the most exciting things she had to offer.

6/10 Dead Island’s game lacked the drama and intensity of the cover

Resort guests become zombies in Dead Island

Even before its release, dead island had to be one of the best zombie games. dead island the well-received teaser and cover promised a groundbreaking zombie game. When he finally came out, dead island was more generic than advertised. Even though it wasn’t terrible, dead island barely stood out from other zombie games.

dead island the writing and gameplay were generic at best. dead island also lacked the pathos of its cover and the trailers shown. Whether dead island was meant to be a tragic zombie apocalypse with serious survival elements, the actual game was a tonally inconsistent anthology of repetitive side quests. At the end, dead island cover was the best use of his concept.

5/10 The Dark Pictures Anthology would have done better as a movie trilogy

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Triple Pack poster

The Dark Pictures Anthology was arguably Supermassive Games’ most ambitious project to date. The Dark Pictures Anthology was the studio’s last interactive horror film with branching narratives, but now in an episodic format. Posters for four chapters of the anthology teased psychologically charged horror stories that players would experience first-hand.

Like other games from Supermassive Games, The Dark Pictures Anthology retread other (and better) survival horror games, but with less gameplay. The Dark Pictures Anthology the insistence on being “cinematic” instead of video games only reinforced how his cool posters were more appropriate for movies.

4/10 The cover of Godzilla (2014) was its only interesting feature

Godzilla Burns Tokyo in Godzilla (2014)

by Godzilla a simple title and cover sold the game based on its namesake franchise and pop culture icon. It was a brutal but great way to market a game meant to celebrate Godzilla’s long and storied legacy. In place, Godzilla was both a boring open-world simulator and a poorly made kaiju fighting game.

by Godzilla missions had players smashing the same generators to nausea in an unimaginative game world. Meanwhile, Godzilla’s fights with the classic kaiju were terribly balanced and barely functional. Beyond its striking cover, the best Godzilla offered was that his kaiju moved similarly to an old school kaiju performer.

3/10 Left Alive didn’t deserve Yoji Shinkawa’s art

Mikhail, Olga and Leonid team up in Left Alive

Yoji Shinkawa’s art is not only synonymous with Solid metal gear, but also to higher quality video games. Because left alive featured covers and character designs by Shinkawa, some players assumed it was an underrated gem. Shinkawa’s art promised a cool military-themed stealth game, but left alive couldn’t even achieve the bare minimum of its kind.

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In terms of history and style, left alive was a superficial clone of the notoriously complex Solid metal gear. left alive also suffered from frustrating gameplay and enemy AI. left alive was more of a test of endurance than a badass, edgy military game. It is better to admire the Shinkawa one left alive separate art from the actual game.

2/10 Team Fortress 2’s End Of Line Update Lets Fans Down

Red and blue teams face off in Team Fortress 2: End of the Line

In 2013 game developer McVee uploaded a trailer for it Team Fortress 2 fan movie, End of line. Shortly after, Valve contacted McVee to make end of line official. The end of line update was hyped with posters and teasers. end of lineThe Red and Blu Team posters promised the biggest fight yet, but that only applied to the update movie.

McVee’s short exceeded expectations, but the actual update only had a few cosmetic items. It was far from the previous ones Team Fortress 2 updates, which introduced new maps, game modes, and weapons. end of line is best known today as an excellent fan film with amazing posters.

1/10 Overwatch 2 was more of an Overwatch patch than a sequel

Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kirko make their Overwatch 2 debut

Surveillance was once the biggest multiplayer shooter, but unethical practices by Activision-Blizzard have tarnished its reputation. Even though it was rushed out of development, many saw Monitor 2 as Overwatch eventual redemption. Overwatch 2 the covers promised a bigger sequel that would not only go back to basics, but also add new heroes and features.

In place, Monitor 2 was right Surveillance again, but worse. Not only Monitor 2 recycle everything Surveillance already done, it probably made some things worse. For instance, Monitor 2 introduced a battle pass and 5v5 mode that were found to be worse than loot boxes and 6v6 mode, respectively.

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