10 Video Game Sequels Releasing In 2023, Ranked By Hype

2022 is coming to an end and has proven to be another year full of fantastic games. Back in February Horizon: West forbidden was released to rave reviews for improve almost every aspect of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Horizon: West forbidden is just one of many awesome sequels released in 2022. 2022 saw God of War Ragnarök, Gran Turismo 7, Back to Monkey Island, Bayonet 3and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Not to be outdone, 2023 will also bring back some heavy hitters. New entries in the street fighter and Diablo series are only scratching the surface of what’s to come in 2023. And there could still be more sequels announced for 2023. While there’s no guarantee there won’t be a delayed until 2024, 2023 is still poised to be an amazing year for sequels and gaming as a whole.

10/10 Diablo IV hopes to avoid recent controversial Diablo releases

The Diablo The series has struggled with its recent launches. Diablo III Auction House was extremely controversial, while Diablo Immortal was loaded with microtransactions and a frustrating progression system. Diablo IV seeks to avoid these missteps in a return to glory.

A lot of Diablo features of the series, such as dungeons, loot, and procedurally generated character building, will return. Diablo IV will also introduce a larger open world and lean more into a heavy metal aesthetic over the more colorful Diablo III. It’s always easy to worry about the possibility of another botched launch, but what’s been shown so far has given fans plenty to be excited about.

9/10 Pikmin 4 will finally be released after eight years

The pikmine series has had an exciting run in recent years with the improved port of pikmine 3 for the Switch plus two handheld/mobile games. But these were only appetizers compared to the main course released in 2023: Pikmin 4.

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After the first success of pikmine 3Nintendo announced Pikmin 4 was in development in 2015. After that, radio silence. Little is currently known about Pikmin 4but Shigeru Miyamoto said players can expect simpler gameplay and the ability to play much closer to the ground from the perspective of the Pikmin themselves.

8/10 The Wolf Among Us 2 Gets His Happiness Forever

Point-and-click adventure games made a big comeback in the 2010s thanks in part to Telltale Games. Telltale has released many IP episodic series such as The Walking Dead, game of thronesand Borderlands. However, Telltale faced closure as the final season of The Walking Dead was in progress. Whereas The Walking Dead could conclude, other projects have been canceled. Among these was The Wolf Among Us 2which was announced in 2017.

When Telltale relaunched in 2019, so did The Wolf Among Us 2. The wolf among usa prequel to the comic book series Fableswas one of the most popular telltale series. It also left players on a cliffhanger leaving them to wait until 2023 to finally continue Bigby Wolf’s story.

7/10 Assassin’s Creed Mirage goes back to basics

The Assassin’s Creed The series has grown and expanded since its mixed beginnings in 2007. Annual releases have fleshed out the mechanics of the series while expanding into the realm of RPGs. The scale of Assassin’s Creed has become massive. This could explain why Ubisoft chose to take the series back to square one for its next entry.

Assassin’s Creed Miragewhich takes players to Baghdad in the 9th century, brings things back to the traditional Assassin’s Creed format. No dialogue options or hundreds of hours of gameplay. Just old school Assassin’s Creed stock. If that’s not appealing enough, Mirage will launch at the cheaper price of $49.99, a breath of fresh air with the ever-increasing cost of games.

6/10 Fire Emblem Engage Brings Old Lords Together Without Gacha Mechanics

The fire emblem The series snowballed in popularity. Since Fire Emblem Awakeningthe fire emblem has become one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, even if it is older fire emblem fans became alienated because of the emphasis on relationship systems and erasing permanent consequences.

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Fire Emblem Engage will be one of the first sequels released in 2023, slated for release in January. Engage yourself main feature is the ability to invoke the past fire emblem lords such as Marth to use in battle. Fortunately, unlike the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroesit won’t require a gacha system.

5/10 Forza Motorsport is both a sequel and a reboot

The Forza series took the racing simulation crown from the Gran Turismo series and hunted with it. Forza Horizon 5 was one of most critically acclaimed games of 2021, even winning IGN.com’s Game of the Year. The next and eighth entry in the Forza Motorsport The end of the series should be released in the spring of 2023.

Announced in 2020, Forza Motorsport does not include a number in its title. While it’s technically “Forza Motorsport 8“It’s also a reboot of the series. Forza Motorsport seeks to get back to basics after the disappointing reception of Forza Motorsport 7. Between Forza 7 and GT7, Forza Motorsport has a lot of lessons to learn to ensure this is one of the best racing sims ever made.

4/10 Street Fighter 6 did everything right before release

No upcoming sequel has taken past failures to heart like Street Fighter 6. Street Fighter V the launch was a disaster. Whereas SFV has since become a big gamethe negative stigma of its launch remains.

SF6 has so far hit all the right notes from its stellar netcode to its content overload that includes all modes in the current iteration of SFV as well as an impressive single-player story campaign. SF6 is brimming with personality that is sure to attract new and old fans alike. Especially those who play on Xbox like SF6 will launch for Xbox Series X|S after SFV completely ignored Microsoft consoles. SF6 is on its way to becoming the best street fighter Again.

3/10 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Expands Insomniac’s Growing Marvel Universe

Since Batman: Arkham Asylumfans of every comic book superhero can’t wait to see their favorites see similar levels of success in games. Spider Man has always had a solid video game reputation, but Marvel’s Spiderman blown every past Spider Man game out of the water.

Marvel’s Spiderman was followed by a spin-off starring Miles Morales. The two web-slinging heroes will team up in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is set to feature Venom. Insomniac Games is also working on a Wolverine game set in the same universe, building on a growing Marvel game universe.

2/10 Final Fantasy XVI looks to get the Final Fantasy series back on track

Final Fantasy XVI is the first main line Final Fantasy since 2016 is much criticized Final Fantasy XV. FFXV wasn’t a bad game, but its development cycle led to constant updates in the years that followed. FFXVI experienced a quiet development led by Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida, or “Yoshi-P.”

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Yoshi-P and his development team have tried to avoid the mistakes made by FFXV including the assurance that FFXVI the story will not require additional content or support. They also enlisted the help of Ryota Suzuki, whose past work includes The devil may cry 5to design the combat system. FFXVI has the makings of being the best solo mainline Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy Xwhich is music to the ears of Final Fantasy faithful.

1/10 The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is set to be the biggest Zelda game yet

After years of waiting, Nintendo has finally revealed the name and release date of the sequel. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be released in 2023, six years later Breath of nature. This is the longest gap between the main line Zelda Games.

tears of the kingdom is a true sequel to breath of the wild and continue the story breath of the wild Link and Zelda. Link will have the ability to explore floating landmasses above Hyrule similar to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s hard to beat the hype level of a new 3D Zelda game, especially the one that follows breath of the wild.

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