15 best James Bond 007 games of all time

And while multiplayer might not be the best a Bond game has ever seen, there are some great maps here, and thanks to the inclusion of bots, you can still kick off it today. There is not much to hate Agent under fire, and EA did not improve the formula until the following year …

4. Night fire

2002 | Eurocom | GCN, PS2, Xbox

Think about Night lights as a much more refined version of Agent under fire. After taking a break from the last game, Pierce Brosnan provided his likeness to Night lights (although someone else voices the superspy). FPS levels are a lot more fun to navigate than its predecessor and require the use of tons of gadgets to complete. AI really fights too. The driving levels may not be as pleasant as those of Agent under fire, but it can be forgiven when the shot is this good.

The campaign is really short, but the multiplayer has surprising legs, with eight excellently designed maps, a dozen different modes, customizable bots, and a handful of playable Bond villains from the previous films. It could have been a huge success if console games had online multiplayer at the time.

Quantum of Solace game

3. Quantum of comfort

2008 | Treyarch | PC, PS3, X360

Widely ignored on exit, Quantum of Consolation is probably the most underrated Bond game. It is built on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare engine, which had just been released the year before, so the shot is silky smooth. But he’s also tried to innovate with melee attacks and a cover system that switches to a third-person perspective. The moment-to-moment gameplay is filled with explosions and great settings that Call of Duty is famous for. You don’t do much either, but it fits the more gritty tone of Daniel Craig’s films.

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