5 video game cities that would be nice to live in (& 5 that would be horrible)

Video games are among the most memorable cities. As gamer tourists, gamers are often bombarded by the breath and scale these cities contain. However, would players actually want to live in these cities? It honestly depends on the game we’re talking about.

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What makes a city liveable? At the bare minimum, it must ensure basic human functions: food, water, waste management, transport and jobs. However, to make a real big city, the city must go further to improve the quality of life socially, economically and politically. A citizen needs to feel like he can’t live anywhere else and everything he needs is in the city.

ten Awesome: a booming metropolis in the Galar region РWyndon РPok̩mon Sword and Shield

Wyndon in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Galar region is the second most populous city in the series, but it’s definitely the most beautiful. President Rose built and designed the whole city and ultimately created a city reminiscent of a European city. The Ferris wheel is still seen just above the horizon.

There isn’t a single bad place to live here. With countless restaurants and shops to entertain and satisfy citizens, you never get bored in this metropolis. Players can even invite their friends from Luminose City to stay at the city’s beautiful five-star hotel.

9 Awful: We Thought Vice City Was Bad – Grand Theft Auto V

Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V benefits from numerous facilities and ancillary activities. Cyclists will find many routes enjoyable to navigate. There are things that are happening all the time. And with the continued release of DLCs, players continue to find more and more places to explore.

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But do gamers really want to live on the crime infested streets of Grand Theft Auto V? Players can barely walk half a mile without a plane crashing into them, someone stealing the convenience store (again …), and cars completely ignoring stop lights and crashing into them. pedestrians. The crime rate is absurdly exaggerated and not only that, but the people of Los Santos are just rude by constantly using slurs and name-calling against innocent bystanders. The cops do nothing and forget they were on a manhunt in less than thirty minutes.

8 Awesome: Best Of All Digitized Cities – Sims 4 – City Living DLC

The Sims 4: City Living DLC ​​brought city life to gamers in 2016 and were they grateful for it. San Myshuno is based on several actual cities, including Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York. There are all the amenities one needs to live happily with several neighborhoods for all the shopping and dining that anyone could want.

Players can watch the sun go down with their new partner from their penthouse before jumping into the new hit nightclub. That’s all players can expect from real cities, but without the bad sides. Assuming no bored divine entity traps newcomers in their pools to die, this is a city worth more than a long term stay.

7 Awful: Utopian Ideals Are Always a Bad Idea – Bioshock Series

Big daddy and little sister

The Bio-shock series easily contains some of the most ill-conceived cities there is. Building a city at the bottom of the ocean or in the sky is just not practical. In addition, each city is as economically and socially conservative as it comes to boast very dubious beliefs about economic practices and basic human rights.

Both cities also have a serious drug problem in the form of plasmids. It’s no wonder that both cities are in a state of collapse even before the player arrives. Utopian worlds rarely function.

6 Awesome: Animal Crossing has players on an island – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

animal crossing new horizons happy house paradise key art

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has players living on an island of their own making. What’s not to like? Players literally create the city of their dreams. The happiness of the citizens is at an all time high and there is everything close at hand that a player could want. A restaurant, a school, a museum, houses, an airport, etc.

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Additionally, if players get bored, they can just hop on to another island. And if they hate their neighbor, they can ask them to leave and they will. There is no doubt that gamers want the same to be true in real life. The only downside is being permanently indebted to Tom Nook.

5 Awful: A Dystopian City For A Reason – City 17 – Half-Life 2

Combine the soldiers of Half-Life

There’s no one there who could be paid to live in City 17. Not that anyone living in City 17 really wants to be there anyway. Who doesn’t love having their every move watched by Big Brother? There is nothing that starts the day off right than seeing the Citadel’s friendly messages to its citizens broadcast on screens everywhere on repeat throughout the day.

Human rights violations and unwarranted arrests and searches kick residents in the back like no cafe ever could. It’s known as dystopia for a reason and players won’t be moving here anytime soon. Maybe for a remaster, they could.

4 Awesome: Beauclair est Beau-clair-tiful – Beauclair – Witcher 3

witcher beauclair 3 aerial shot during daytime

Beauclair is Beau-clair-tiful. The French name literally translates to “beau clair”. This waterfront town rests peacefully on mountains reminiscent of Sicilian or Greek towns. Many claim that the place is “charmed” that its citizens never leave it, instead leading them to like and drink wine.

Honestly, that doesn’t sound too bad. Who doesn’t want to live on peaceful shores and in a centralized location compared to several other towns and villages? A view like this can never get old.

3 Awful: He was a bit overrated and was a huge disappointment – Cyberpunk 2077

Night city in Cyberpunk 2077 does not live up to the hype. While this is a technically impressive city with great views when rendered well, the city is often quite broken up. People act and move weird. The cars disappear. Free DLC has virtually nothing in it. Plus, for a technologically advanced city, the crime rate is just as bad as Los Santos, if not worse.

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There are people running in the streets hacking the cyber implants of poor citizens. Better to wait for the next city update before considering moving here.

2 Awesome: The Last Place You’ll Move For Your Fantasy Home – Lestallum – Final Fantasy XV

aerial view of the city of lestallum from ffxv

Final fantasy as a whole, there is no shortage of great cities in which to live. However, Lestallum in Final Fantasy XV really takes the cake. Lestallum is a tropical town covered with palm trees and a beautiful cool sun. Street vendors, restaurants, and musicians line the city’s winding streets to capture your heart and soul.

And there’s a good chunk of gorgeous apartments to move into with easy access to the rest of the city.

1 Awful: Supervillians Keeps Prices Low – Arkham City – Batman: Arkham City

Batman flies over Gotham City in second Arkham video game

The only good thing about Arkham City is that the Villains keep the prices low. Other than that, there is very little to celebrate about Arkham City. It combines the worst criminal aspects of Cyberpunk and Grand Theft Auto and then decides to lay down layers of super organized crime. Who wants to live in a city where citizens rely on masked vigilantes to get to work every day?

It’s not really on most people’s daily routine to be kidnapped and held hostage by the Joker. And the city is just plain ugly, dark and gloomy.

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