5 Video Game Franchises That Would Benefit From A Soulslike Entry

With the advent of Demon’s Souls, developer FromSoftware went on to create not just a number of hugely popular action RPGs, but an entire video game subgenre. Nowadays, the “Soulslike” genre has amassed not only an incredible following, but also a large library of games – FromSoft’s own Ring of Elden included.

Of nioh to the next Soulslike thymesia, developers around the world have adapted FromSoft’s basic formula to create their own expansive worlds. The popularity of the genre makes one wonder if established franchises should consider making a Soulslike entry for themselves. Of all the established entries in video games, these would benefit from supporting environmental narratives peppered with brutal and unforgiving gameplay.


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One franchise that could benefit from a Soulslike entry is BioShock. There’s already a dark and brutal world in games – or in the case of Bioshock Infinite, a dark undertone – and Cloud Chamber could take the franchise to a whole new level with a Soulslike entry. With Bioshock 4 in the face of possible difficulties, this could be a guarantee of success.

Create a Soulslike game for BioShock would be a great creative exercise to further expand the lore of the game and break up the linear storyline sequence. The unforgiving nature of a Soulslike game could also elevate BioShockof gameplay, and through InfiniteAccording to the notion of parallel universes, a Soulslike entry might even feature the mechanic of losing everything on death and then starting over. A Soulslike first-person shooter in the BioShock world is a solid idea.


A Bayonet The Soulslike entry actually makes a lot of sense since the series itself is almost here. Throughout the first two games players already have to face ridiculously large and intense bosses like the hair demon and the gun wielding Bayonetta, all PlatinumGames has to do is open up the world and lore of Umbra and Lumen for be more exploration-oriented.

The studio could follow the same path as with the above BioShock suggestion and use the established alternate timelines to help make the loss mechanism more logical. BayonetThe overall story of can still be told throughout this exercise; the only difference is that players themselves explore the lore as they complete missions and tasks rather than being handheld through a linear story.

Assassin’s Creed

Recent Assassin’s Creed the games managed to refresh the series by exploring other aspects of the franchise’s universe, rather than continuing the Assassins versus Templars storyline. Although this idea may work better as a spin-off rather than a main entry, a Soulslike, stealth forward Assassin’s Creed the game could very well fit into the already established lore. Ubisoft just needs to allow players to explore it on their own while achieving an overall goal.

If you use the Animus again, each player’s death should result in some loss. Although technically not logically possible, it does open up the possibility of getting creative with the Assassin’s Creed traditions. Otherwise, providing the game with challenging gameplay and an open storyline will already give the franchise the Soulslike flair needed to benefit the series if Ubisoft is to continue creating Assassin’s Creed Games.

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Technically, the old scrolls the franchise is halfway to being a Soulslike game – especially Skyrim. Since most FromSoftware games could be considered old scrolls games on steroids, Bethesda could use this to their advantage and create their own Soulslike entry.

Although it may sound like a major studio jumping on a trendy train, with the old scrolls franchise, a jump to Soulslike might work well. With the old scrolls franchise with a vast history and expansive landscapes, all Bethesda needs to do to create a Soulslike entry is open up its deep lore and create some truly ruthless bosses.

mega man

If Capcom wants to bring mega man back, the franchise needs a tough refresh. First, Blue Bomber games need to be taken to the second dimension. Second, Capcom should consider giving the next entry a Soulslike refresh rather than continuing its roguelike path. There is plenty of room for the mega man series growing up.

Blasphemous and hollow knight are two successful 2D Soulslike games and both have created their own fanbases. The following mega man the entry could benefit by creating a non-linear environmental narrative and increasing its difficulty to be more aligned with other titles in the 2D world.

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