7 Video Game Vampires Even Scarier Than Castlevania’s Dracula

Vampires are a classic monster of fiction, undead monsters of the night who feed on the blood of the living, often with a considerable set of supernatural powers to boot. As such, they make great villains in video games, serving as ready antagonists across many different games.

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The most iconic of all video game vampires is the iteration of the famous Count Dracula found in the Castlevania series, one of the best-known villains in all of gaming. However, other games have their own denizens of the night, many of which can give Vlad Dracul a run for his money.

7 Dettlaff van der Eretein is both human and inhuman

Geralt of Riv has faced all sorts of otherworldly and terrifying foes in the witcher series, but one of the most formidable comes in the blood and wine expanding to The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. A former vampire, Dettlaff van der Eretein is an immensely unsettling, deadly, and visually unnerving foe, especially in his monstrous forms.

However, his most fearsome aspects actually come from his human side. Dettlaff is revealed during the expansion to be driven by his passions as much as any human, wielding his immense powers and causing death and suffering out of loyalty to a friend.

6 Kain can become as terrifying a villain as any other

In the Kain’s Legacy series, Kain’s character is actually a hero in many games, a morally ambiguous figure who seeks revenge after being turned into a vampire and becomes a powerful player within Nosgoth, the game’s settings.

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As a hero, Kain is still a perfectly creepy figure between his physical appearance and his more extreme actions. However, at the end of blood omen, the player can choose to damn the world and raise Kain as the villain and most powerful character of a devastated wasteland. As seen in SoulReaverKain makes a perfectly terrifying villain if he does.

5 Vlad von Carstein can rule the world

The Vampire Counts are an important faction in the war hammer universe, and as such they appear as one of the first four armies available in the Total War: Warhammer series, waging a war of conquest against the Empire. Of their leaders, Vlad von Carstein is the most capable and formidable in both story and gameplay, being a ruthless and ambitious leader.

The player can embody Vlad or let him be controlled by an AI. Either way, he sets out to force the world to submit to his rule with edicts like “surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death”. Depending on the individual game, he may well succeed in his goals.

4 Annalize, Queen of the Vileblood is a dormant threat

In a game like transmitted by blood, where the setting is a town where everyone consumes blood, the concept of vampires may seem redundant. Nonetheless, the faction known as the “Vilebloods”, a noble dynasty who live in a Gothic castle and are hated by the local church, are clearly meant to echo the Bloodsuckers.

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In the game itself, only one Vileblood remains, and she is largely asleep and trapped. Nevertheless, Annalize is a disturbing figure, believed to have a dark past and caught up in a mutually wicked war between her faction and the executioners. In particular, it is better not to fulfill its purpose of using blood to become pregnant with the child of a Great Being.

3 The red queen is a calming vampire

The game vampire immerses the player in the vampiric underbelly of 1918 London, exploring the morality of creatures that live on blood and death. Many of his vampires are surprisingly human figures, with varying morals and even a high level of likability for some. Its antagonist, however, goes back to the monstrous.

The Red Queen is a powerful vampire who has lived since ancient times and was once revered as a goddess of death. On her own, she is intimidating enough, but her awakenings also bring untold calamities to all, spreading plagues among human beings and sinking vampires into a vicious bloodlust.

2 Lady Alcina Dimitrescu is an iconic vampire villain

The first villain the player faces in Resident Evil: Village, and the center of much of its commercialization, is Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the matriarch of Dimitrescu Castle. She is an elegant, sophisticated and regal woman who enjoys torturing men and draining human beings of their blood so that she and her daughters can drink it.

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Many gamers focus on Dimitrescu’s impressive and attractive design, but there’s no denying its more terrifying aspects. She conducts herself with a cold and laid-back butchery at all times, grows fearsome claws from her fingertips, and reveals a terrifying dragon form when sufficiently injured.

1 Andrei embodies the terror of the Tzimisce

Vampire: The Masquerade draws on a large number of vampiric inspirations for its characters, just like its video game adaptation, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. One of the aspects of vampires they explore is that of the quiet, polite mask hiding a monster, in the form of the Tzimisce clan.

In Lines, Andrei is one of the most prominent Tzimisce. He is an unflinchingly polite man with a terrifying physical exterior who uses formality to hide the true depths of his sadism and cruelty. Determined to bring down the Camarilla and transcend vampirism at all costs, he is a calm and quiet villain who knows very well the terror he causes and exploits it.

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