A look back at the history of Game of Thrones video games

The lands of Westeros have dominated the fantasy television landscape for years. Viewers were taken on a wild ride through eight seasons of the critically acclaimed film game of thronesand now get ready for even more stories with Dragon House. While the end of game of thrones was controversial, its world and stories are still considered some of the best fantasy has to offer. It was so successful that HBO intends to expand the world further with different spinoffs in different stages of production.


Whereas game of thrones had a huge success on HBO, it has always struggled to break into the video game market. There have been a few video games set in Westeros, but none of them have been received as well as the shows. The series has had quite an interesting relationship with the video game industry, and the success of Dragon House will most likely lead to even more attempts to capture the feeling of this fantasy world.

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A genesis of Game of Thrones

A genesis of Game of Thrones was one of the first non-browser-based video games in the world of A song of ice and fire. The game unfolded over 1,000 years of Westeros history, recounting the origins of various kingdoms that dot the land. It was developed by Cyanide Studios in a strategy genre, and it hit stores in the first season of the HBO adaptation. Players took control of various armies and would do whatever they could to maintain the Iron Throne, even going so far as to battle online to take on seven other players. It seemed like it would be the recipe for success, but the game received very mixed reviews and is currently mostly negative on Steam. A genesis of Game of Thrones didn’t have any kind of impact and was mostly forgotten.

game of thrones

Cyanide was not deterred by the reception of Genesisas he published game of thrones one year later. Instead of being a strategy game, game of thrones took action-RPG mechanics and gave players control of two different residents of Westeros: Alester Sarwyck and Mors Westford. The game told a whole new story during the events of game of thrones season 1, and it featured a few actors reprising their roles from the show. The player embarked on a high-stakes adventure and the game featured four different endings.

game of thrones also introduced a few DLC packs that further expanded the world of Westeros and told stories that took place before the main events. The game also met with mixed reception upon release, but was able to carve out a mostly positive rating on Steam. At present, it’s the only PC RPG set in this universe, and as such it holds a special place in the hearts of many Westeros fans.

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Game of Thrones: A series of revealing games

After Cyanide failed to make an impact with its Westeros games, Telltale rushed to come up with a fun story-based title set in the fantasy world. Game of Thrones: A series of revealing games told a whole new story following the unknown House Forrester between the show’s third and fifth seasons. Players were given control of five different members of House Forrester spread across Westeros. They would be given choices that would affect the future of the house and the fate of all those characters, which would make for a pretty exciting story.

Many characters have also passed from the series to Game of Thrones: A series of revealing games with actors reprising their roles. The game consisted of six different episodes, but a planned sequel never materialized. It was praised for its storytelling even though the rest of the game didn’t match that quality, but it has since been pulled from storefronts with no word on whether it will ever return. For the moment, game of thrones fans should look to other games to get their Westeros fix.

Game of Thrones mobile games

Apart from the three titles above, the majority of game of thrones video games have all been relegated to mobile platforms or web browsers. There have been a decent amount of mobile games using the game of thrones name, covering a wide variety of genres. Some of them have been ported to PC or other platforms, but the majority exist simply as mobile games.

game of thrones hit the mobile and browser gaming market in 2013 with the strategy title Rise of Game of Thrones. Players have taken over a minor house and tried their best to grow their power in this point and click game. They would fight against other players in PvP modes and build massive alliances. The game was shut down in 2019 for no reason given.

Game of Thrones Conquest took another strategic turn on the franchise, Reign: Game of Thrones players had swipe cards to make choices for their character, Game of Thrones Slots brought the series to the casino, and Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall put players in control of Nights Watch for mobile strategy fun. There are even more mobile games on the horizon as Netmarble works hard on an all-new experience.

Mobile development seems to be the future of game of thrones, as there’s no indication that a full-fledged console or PC game is on the way. The series has yet to break into the industry with such a breakthrough title as HBO’s series, but fans are hoping that will happen soon. Another studio could try it with the release of Dragon Houseor maybe it will pave the way for even more mobile games in Westeros.

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