A Scottish cycle path seems to be designed like Paperboy

A screenshot of the winding cycle path in Edinburgh next to a similar screenshot in Paperboy.

Image: Dave McCraw / Atari / Mobygames / Kotaku

There’s a street in Edinburgh, Scotland that offers a real-life version of Newspaper deliverer‘s zigzag bike paths, and I’m here to celebrate for that. As part of the city £207 million ($253 million) project to get the trams on the famous road, a new section of cycle path has been laid out, which, as a recently tweeted video shows, offers quite a daunting challenge.

Although the Scottish Cycle Path has been derided since it officially opened in April, it’s only when you see Dave McCraw’s video of the absolutely insane design that you can truly appreciate the game-like layout. video.

There are so many special things here. Like any good game, the lane not only has a great zigzag pattern to learn, but it also has all kinds of obstacles. There are those huge planters that dig into the aisle to avoid. And in fact streetlights sticking out of the way on another side.

As you’ll probably have noticed, the design is such that your bike will have to negotiate several other lanes, including kerbs (sidewalks, they’re called curbs), as you swerve violently left and right trying to keep up with its pace. more and more difficult directions.

Unfortunately, the NPC AI looks pretty terrible, as they casually wander the bike path, even when you quickly dash towards them. Many improvements are needed in this regard.

I think my favorite feature is the exit from the supermarket that pours directly into the bike lane, as it makes it harder for all players by removing the texture from the bike lane entirely!

This is my official call for a special gathering to be held at this same site in 2024, to mark the 40th anniversary of Newspaper delivererthe initial version of.

Look, it’s strange:

A screenshot of Paperboy's zigzag sidewalks.

Screenshot: Mobygames / Atari

Slow news day? You bet.

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