All Major Video Game DLC Releases This Summer

Downloadable content, as a concept, has had a bit of a shaky reputation over the past few decades. Starting life as “add-ons”, DLCs were once seen as big updates to already beloved games, giving fans even more of what they loved before. Over the past decade, DLC has often been tied to greedy publisher practices, like EA locking vital content behind a paywall.

Fortunately, DLC seems to be heading more towards its roots, as over the past few years DLC offerings have been a bit more substantial. Ghost of Tsushimait is Iki Island expansion, Final Fantasy 7 Remakeit is Intermission update, and all No Man’s SkyThe numerous updates of prove that the downloadable content becomes again an interesting product. Continuing the trend, this summer is packed with exciting and expansive DLC for some of the hottest games around.


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Taking place in the Breton homeland of the Systres archipelago, The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle seems to be adding a significant amount of new content to the game which is now eight years old. Apparently, high island will add dozens of hours of story content to the game, trapping the player in a mysterious conspiracy that threatens the political landscape of all of Tamriel.

Players will be able to freely explore the Mediterranean-inspired island and participate in an all-new 12-person trial raid called “Dreadsail Reef”. Two new companions are added with this expansion, including a Khajiit Sorcerer and a Breton Knight.

One of the most important additions high island brings is an expansive new card game named Tribute Tales. In addition to PvE and PvP options, Tribute Tales will have its own complex progression system, which will provide players with unique rewards as they climb the ranks.

A plethora of new Breton-themed weapons and armor are heading to elder scrolls online with this High Isle expansion, along with new world events that see volcanic fissures erupt around the new islands. Elder Scrolls Online: High Island is slated for release June 6 on PC and Mac and June 21 on consoles.

Outriders: world killer

Square-Enix Riders is also getting a pretty big update this summer. Title world killerthis expansion will be available to all players when it launches on June 30, boosting lower level characters to level 30. world killer brings an all-new standalone campaign to Ridersfleshing out the backstory of the planet Enoch and a mysterious new tweaked enemy.

New armor, weapons and mods are coming with the world killer updated, resulting in the addition of over 100 new legendary items. Two new progression systems are also being implemented, the first being the PAX system, which provides players with over 30 new upgrades depending on the subclass they choose. Players over level 30 will also earn xp for their ascension level, which will grant them additional skill points.

Cuphead: the delicious last dish

One of the most anticipated DLCs of recent years, Cuphead: the delicious last dish finally comes out this summer, on June 30th. New bosses, weapons and a whole new island are coming Cuphead with this DLC.

A new playable character, Ms. Chalice is also added to the game, who uses a unique moveset and abilities that differ from those of Cuphead and Mugman. A new NPC, Chef Saltbaker will also make an appearance, aiding the player with new upgrades and consumables.

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun

Also slated for a June 30 release date, Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun takes players on a journey to the mountainous outpost of Elgado, where they will encounter the monstrous Three Lords. Based on Western horror icons, these Three Lords should pose a significant challenge even to those who have beaten the rest of Rise of the Monster Hunter‘s list.

To fight these new monsters, Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun also brings a range of new weapons, armor, and combat abilities to the game. With new locations, towering monsters, and a slew of new gear, there should be plenty for monster hunter fans to get their teeth into.

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