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Black Cat was part of wonder comics for over four decades. While it’s not as long as the other heroes, it’s still a long time to continue being a part of the universe. Over the past 30 years, the Stealth Burglar has also made appearances in video games related to other Marvel characters and titles.

The most notable of his appearances are often Spider Man Games. The recent Marvel’s Spider-Man reintroduced the character and gave her a role in side missions and DLC, so she will hopefully have an even bigger role in the Marvel’s Spider-Man following. In other titles, she has served as both an ally and an anti-hero, often doing the right thing as long as it benefits her.

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The 90’s

The year of the 90s on a blurred background with 3 black cat comic book covers from Marvel.

The 90s started Black Cat’s video game career with Spider-Man: The Video Game in the arcades and Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage on SNES and Sega Genesis. Released in 1991 and 1994 respectively, they constitute the role of Black Cat in the video games of the decade.

While it’s not much, Black Cat’s appearances here are a testament to the growth and evolution of video games. Her character continues to be important in games over 30 years later, and she is a constant inclusion in Spider Man Games. She’s so tied to the character that the next two decades will see her appear again and again alongside the crimson-clad wall robot.

The 2000s

The year 2000 on a blurry background with 3 Marvel Black Cat comic book covers.

The 2000s were the decade that began to distinguish Marvel from some of its competition. While DC has enjoyed great success with its animated shows and the Black Knight trilogy, the MCU was starting and fan favorite Marvel games started to come out. This is the decade when classic titles like Spider Man released on PS1 and Game Boy Color, while later Spider-Man: Web of Shadows comes to almost all major consoles. Along with these appearances, Black Cat also appears in a few other Spidey titles ahead of the next decade.

  • Spider Man – 2000
  • Spider-man 2 – 2004
    • While not a sequel to the 2000 game, it is instead based on the Sam Raimi game. Spider Man movies.

  • Spider-Man: friend or foe – 2007
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows – 2008
  • Little big planet – 2008
    • A black cat costume is included with the Marvel 6 costume kit.


The 2010s on a blurry background with 3 Marvel Black Cat comic book covers.

The 2010s more than doubled the number of games in which Black Cat appears. This is in part due to the ever-growing popularity of Spider-Man, which has had two different movie franchises during this decade – with the MCUThe Spidey series finally releases a trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home this week. The The Incredible Spider-Man the films received their own linked games, both episodes featuring Black Cat.

On top of that, there have been a greater number of Marvel ensemble games of varying genres, each of which brings great characters to play. Disney infinity, alongside games like Marvel: Fighting the Future and Lego Marvel Super Heroes, were a great way to experience many characters in one space. While they don’t always provide dedicated storylines, the thrill of being able to interact with fan favorite characters is still there.

  • Spider-Man: At The Edge Of Time – 2011
    • This version of Black Cat is inspired by Wonder 2099, the imprint that began with Spider-Man 2099.

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Online – 2011/2012
  • Marvel’s Avengers Alliance – 2012
  • Marvel: war of heroes – 2012
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – 2012
    • A draw for the first The Incredible Spider-Man movie. As a psychiatric patient, she escapes after Spider-Man tries to get Curt Connors out of Beloit Mental Hospital.

  • Marvel heroes – 2013
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes – 2013
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest – 2013
  • The Incredible Spider-Man 2 – 2014
    • Released from prison by Kingpin and empowered through illegal experimentation, Black Cat is now tasked with killing Spider-Man in this sequel to the 2012 Bond.

  • Disney infinity 2.0 – 2014
  • Spider-Man Unlimited – 2014
  • Marvel: Fighting the Future – 2015
  • Marvel Avengers Academy – 2016
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 – 2017
  • Marvel End Times Arena – 2018
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man – 2018
  • Marvel Battle Lines – 2018

While Black Cat hasn’t made any appearances in the current decade yet, she has plenty of time to introduce herself. Marvel’s Spider-Man was the start of a narrative that will likely span multiple games in the future. Hopefully this will lead to a video game MCU that pulls it, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and the likely sequel together to serve as the start of a larger story.

Such an approach could benefit smaller characters like Black Cat by offering them their own respective titles. There are several Marvel heroes who should also be playing solo alongside Black Cat. In the meantime, her side missions are still worth playing for any fans who haven’t completed them in yet. Marvel’s Spider-Man. Through these missions, wonder fans can see her cryptically mocking Spider-Man while also racking up as much loot as she can.

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