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When people think of 16-bit console wars, they usually imagine playground meltdowns between Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo fanboys. However, a large proportion of gamers have shunned home consoles in favor of the excellent Amiga 500. If you fall into that category, or perhaps want to see what you’ve been missing, then you’ll be glad to hear that the classic Commodore PC is the latest machine to get a miniature makeover.

The Amiga A500 Mini is a miniature replica of the original Amiga 500. It comes preloaded with 25 classic games, including Simon the Sorcerer, Speedball 2, Another World, and Worms.

Like similar miniature consoles, the A500 packs a mod-cons or two, such as save slots to quickly resume your games, as well as the ability to load additional games via USB.

Despite its looks, the A500 Mini doesn’t actually contain a working keyboard, but instead uses an on-screen controller and keys.

If you want to pick up an Amiga A500 Mini, the RRP is £119.99. Amazon however, sells the machine for £114.99.

You can see the full list of games below…

The complete list of Amiga A500 Mini games…

• 3D alien race

• Alien Race: Special Edition 92

• Another world

• Arcade pool

• ATR: off-road racing

• Battle chess

• Corpse

• California Games

• Chaos Engine

• Dragon’s Breath

• F-16 fighter pilot

• Kick off 2

• The Lost Patrol

• Paradroid 90

• Pinball Dreams

• Project-X: special edition 93

• Qwak

• The Sentinel

• Simon the Sorcerer

• Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

• Stunt racer

• Super Cars II

• Titus the fox: to Marrakech and back

• Worms: the director’s cut

• Zool: Ninja of the “Nth” dimension

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