Apogee Entertainment picks up Rise Of The Triad Remastered


In an interesting move this week, Apogee Entertainment has taken over the publishing rights to The Rise of the Triad Remastered. The company released the statement below explaining the situation, as it originally planned to co-publish the game with 3D Realms. Apparently the two companies met and amicably decided that Apogee would release solo, especially since they’ve been involved with the series since 2013. The team will now step forward on their own to bring several game improvements including widescreen, mouselook, revamped multiplayer, and more. As of now, the game still doesn’t have an official release date.

Credit: Apogee Entertainment

the original Ascension of the Triad helped iterate on first-person shooters in a way still felt to this day. Then known as Apogee Software, the ambitious developers showed a mad willingness to experiment. With five distinct playable characters, intricate maps embracing verticality, and an arsenal of bullets, missiles, and magic weapons, shooter fans had chaotic chemistry at their disposal. Apogee software revisited Ascension of the Triad in 2013, creating a remake alongside developer Slipgate Ironworks (formerly known as Interceptor Entertainment). Ascension of the Triad 2013 modernized the adventure in Unreal Engine 3 but stayed true to the spirit of the original with fast moving, non-linear level design with tons of secrets and multiple playable characters.

The digital preservation of classic games is becoming more important day by day. As such, 3D Realms and Apogee Entertainment originally planned to co-release a remaster of the 1995 version. Over the past year, both parties have agreed that since Apogee released the 2013 remake, it made more sense to pass the torch to Apogee. Fans of the franchise can rest assured that the project’s continued development is in good hands. The heart of the action-packed shooter will remain intact while introducing modern features like widescreen, mouse over, revamped multiplayer and more this year to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

“Although there is a special place in our hearts for Ascension of the Triadwe know he’s in good hands with our friends at Apogee Entertainment,” said Frederik Schreiber, CEO of 3D Realms. “While we don’t mind having to lug around a CRT monitor to play old favorites, we hope this release helps new players experience this classic.”

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