As the NFL embraces the game, here are a critic’s Super Bowl ratings on the game’s talking points | Entertainment

Online play will be key: 100%. Even Montana needed time to pitch.

“The Cincinnati offensive line versus the Rams defensive line, that’s something we’re going to focus on on the pre-game show and during the game,” Dungy said. “And it will tell a lot of stories. Kansas City couldn’t block Tampa’s defensive linemen, and it was a long day for Patrick Mahomes (in the Super Bowl loss last year). That’s going to be the challenge for this Cincinnati offensive line.

America will love the ads: 25%. Viewers are generally disappointed with ads if they aren’t better than the game. NBC ad sales president Dan Lovinger said there were more than 30 new Super Bowl advertisers. Unsurprisingly, legalized sports betting, cryptocurrency and streaming platforms are among them.

“You’re going to see a slightly lighter tone,” he said. “And I think the country is ready for that.”

The national ranking will break a record: 0%. The rating will be strong and the game could have a record audience. But since each rating point equates to more viewers per year, a record number of viewership does not mean a record rating.

Buffalo will achieve a score of 50: 100%. The Super Bowls always do well in Buffalo. And despite the hungover fans after the Bills’ loss to Kansas City, the AFC championship odds here were higher than in any city that didn’t yet have a team in play.

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