Ascent update adds ray tracing to PC Game Pass version – update – games

Unfortunately, this patch does not yet deliver the promised “performance improvements” as, as others have mentioned here, the game still has jerky / lag and bad frame time issues.

These issues mostly occur in DX12 mode with Ray Tracing and DLSS enabled, and the game runs almost flawlessly on my DX11 PC, as well as my X series.

What helped me a lot in my case (i9-10900KF, 32GB RAM, RTX 3090) are the following “improvements” (latest version from Steam):
• Disable Flow Guard Control for Windows 10: Click on.
• Turn off Game Mode in Windows 10.
• Resizable bar completion Disabled in BIOS. This resulted in a significant increase in “GPU usage”.
• Removed stuttering repair from Engine.ini: Click on.
• Additionally, I only enabled Ray Traced Reflections in-game in combination with DLSS in Balanced.

The performance is still the same, but it’s better than at the beginning. And yes, I know the above “upgrades” won’t work for everyone, but it won’t hurt to try. :)

What we must not all forget The point is, this game is created by a small club (read: 12!) Of developers and, as we speak, they are working hard to fix any bugs / issues. I find it, in any case and despite the problems, a very entertaining game! : Dr

By the way, a tip for those who want to portray the incredibly beautiful Cyberpunk world of “The Ascent”: Unreal Engine 4 Universal Unlocker. With this you can, for example, freely move the camera, freeze the game world and possibly even remove the HUD screen. All this with excellent results as a result: Click on. _ / - O_

Anyway, the “climb” is a bit “unruly”, but it’s worth it! 8)

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