Atari’s Pong brings video games to life

On this day 49 years ago, Pong, the first commercially successful video game, has been released.

On November 29, 1972, a small American video game developer called Atari introduced its first product to the world: a two-dimensional table tennis-themed sports game.

Pong sparked a commercial and cultural boom for video games, leading to what is now a multi-billion dollar industry and form of mainstream entertainment.

Players controlled paddles that moved up and down to deflect a ball and prevent it from passing into their goal.

Pong was a copy of another game created months earlier, and Atari was subsequently sued for plagiarizing the Pong the first Magnavox Odyssey home video game system.

Pong was subsequently released by Atari and a number of other developers for home gaming systems. Photo: Getty

Despite this, Pong has become a staple in video game history as the ancestor of arcade games and modern games.

Atari was a leader in the arcade game and home video game industries until the early 1980s, before the rise of the home computer and other home gaming systems like Nintendo, Sega, and later. , Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

Since Pong Released nearly half a century ago, the global gaming industry has grown to a value of approximately $ 138.4 billion ($ 194.3 billion).

Some game companies have earned higher revenues than the biggest blockbusters.

In 2014, the title of Rockstar Grand Theft Auto V generated $ 815 million ($ 1.1 billion) in profit in less than 24 hours.

GTA V has since sold 155 million copies and is the second best-selling video game in history behind Minecraft, which sold 238 million copies.

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