Babylon’s Fall is bombing on PC, with a launch day peak of less than 1,000 players

Live service titles come and go, with only behemoths and specific niche games able to sustain an audience. Although Babylon’s Fall wasn’t particularly well received, it could have garnered a fanbase. On PC at least, however, the game thrown at the paltry player matters.

According to SteamDB, the Steam version of Babylon’s Fall hit an all-time high of 650 players today, which means there were even fewer PC players during the early access period. It’s true that not every game can pull in big numbers, but less than 1,000 players on day one doesn’t bode well for its longevity. Of course, the PC is just one platform.

Babylon’s Fall is also available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. We don’t know how well the console versions fared, but the game’s early access period offers some insight. According to a Tweet from the official English Babylon’s Fall Twitter account, 10,000 total Sentinels have joined the fight. Released on the last day of Early Access, it’s unclear how these numbers were determined.

Each person is able to create more than one Sentinel. Is each individual Sentinel counted rather than the person’s count? There is also the free demo, which transfers save data into the final version. Players should have signed up with a Square Enix account when starting the demo. Are these demo players also included in the 10K figure? We don’t have all the data, but things are not looking good for Babylon’s Fall.

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