Bandai Namco Reportedly Knew About Dark Souls PC Security Exploits For Years

Bandai Namco would have been aware of the security risks that Dark Souls PC players have known for years.

VGC reports that several people have discovered some of the vulnerabilities present in the PC versions of the Dark Souls franchise, some of which date back to 2019.

It looks like the publisher was made aware of the issues a month ago in 2019.

However, no action was taken until a week ago when Bandai Namco took its player versus player (PVP) servers offline for its Dark Souls games on PC after an exploit was discovered.

The exploit is known as the Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability and allows someone to execute code on another person’s PC and then take control of it.

Speaking to another member of the Dark Souls community, VGC was informed that the publisher was also aware of another RCE exploit from 2020 and as of this writing has not been resolved.

The publication was also informed that Dark Souls 3 itself has over 100 cheats, hacks and security vulnerabilities, many of which will only affect PC players. The array of issues range from game crashes to file data corruption and RCE vulnerabilities.

The VGC report goes on to say that there was allegedly an email correspondence between the discoverer of the latest remote issue and Bandai Namco in December.

A customer service representative has indicated that the issue will be investigated, but at the time of writing neither Bandai Namco nor FromSoftware have taken any action on the part of the publisher or developer FromSoftware.

In response to this, the individual used the exploit on Twitch to draw the studio’s attention to the issue.

According to VGC, another user made several reports of issues in Dark Souls 3 dating back to 2019. They were informed that each time their information would be passed to the development team and they were not getting any feedback.

Moreover, the publication was informed that as the game studio is in the process of fixing these security issues, players have created anti-cheat mods and patches themselves.

PVP servers remain offline as FromSoftware works to fix exploits that have come to its attention.

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