Best Workplaces for Innovators 2022 Standout Consumer Products

These consumer product companies got good marks from the judges for fast company Best Workplaces for Innovators 2022, cultivating opportunities for innovation at multiple levels of employees throughout their operations.


electronic arts

Redwood City, California

The video game company has expanded accessibility options for creators and users by making its code publicly available, reducing costs for everyone. Electronic Arts also created the “Ping System” for people who may need a non-verbal communication option to play video games.



Los Angeles, California

Through Fender’s Leadership Academy, employees of the musical instrument manufacturing company can hone their leadership and problem-solving skills.

Link tree

Melbourne, Australia

Linktree recently implemented its Total Rewards program, offering employees $4,200 per year to spend on wellness, growth, lifestyle and impact. The initiative has increased productivity inside and outside the office.


West Hills, California

Operating in a “kaizen” or “change for the better” mentality, the dietary supplement company offers employees career development programs, onboarding experiences, and start-up and design events.

Spin Master

Toronto, Canada

The children’s entertainment company continues to expand its toy invention program, connecting innovators and developers around the world to explore the intricacies of concept creation, marketing and testing toy prototypes.

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