Boy struck by lightning while playing video game on cat stuck in thunderstorm

Contrary to popular belief, video games won’t rot your brain, but they could very well kill you.

A boy experienced the unfortunate and incredibly rare incident of being struck by lightning while indoors on his couch playing video games.

They say the odds of being struck by lightning are one in a million, but being struck from the comfort of your home is even more ridiculously high.

The Subway reports that Aidan Rowan, 33, was on his PlayStation when he heard a loud crack followed by an intense sensation throughout his body.

After he started to feel searing heat in his right arm and his partner hinted at a burning smell (yikes), they decided he needed to go to the ER.

Ironically, Aidan was playing along Wander at the time, a game centered around trying to save a cat from vicious thunderstorms, among many other desolate scenarios.

As he attempted to cross the city of the game and out of the lightning strikes and heavy rain, the art imitated life as he found himself in a difficult situation.

Was able to save the cat but was unable to save himself.

Rowan told the Metro: “I was on the couch playing a game where you play as a stray cat and there was thunder outside.

“There was a very loud clap of thunder and I felt a kind of very heavy sensation all over and then a searing heat in my right arm where it is now burning.

“It took me about a minute to come to my senses, I felt very, very confused. I went upstairs and asked my husband for a wet towel as I didn’t know what had happened but my arm was burning.

“He asked what that smell was and it was me that was burning. He then called his parents to take me to the hospital. He said he could see my arm blistering as he watched.

Rowan revealed that on his way to the emergency room he was seen by nine doctors, all from different departments.

Luckily, he was fine and all that remained was a series of scars on his left arm and a star-shaped burn on his right hand.

Doctors believed the lightning had bounced off the water on the window and into the room.

He may avoid picking up the controller and jumping on it Wander for some time now to avoid post-incident trauma.

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