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Located in the Italian enclave of Campione d’Italia in Switzerland, Casino Campione is one of four Italian casinos and ranks among the largest in Europe. It was inaugurated in 1917 and moved in 2007 to the famous complex of futuristic buildings on the shores of Lake Lugano, specially designed by architect Mario Botta.

The relationship between Casino Campione and NOVOMATIC goes back many years and is based on high quality products, first class customer service and a partnership of mutual trust. NOVOMATIC gaming equipment has always proven extremely popular with discerning casino customers. Therefore, the casino management has decided to ensure that the reopened Casino Campione also presents a state-of-the-art NOVOMATIC gaming offer that will help the casino successfully master its recovery.

The game offer of the new Casino Campione clearly follows the casino’s motto: “The next fun”. Luxury gaming entertainment, along with events and restaurants create a luxury offering for discerning customers from the region and abroad. On the live gaming floors, a wide selection of live games guarantees hours of traditional casino entertainment and on the first and second floors, Casino Campione offers a wide selection of electronic games, including a wide selection of video slots as well as electronic roulette terminals. , embellished with numerous progressive and mystery jackpots.

The new machine park includes, among others, the internationally best-selling PANTHERA cabinets with popular linked progressive content such as the NOVO LINE CASH CONNECTION Edition 2, Superia CASH CONNECTION Volume 1 and the XTENSION Link as well as the timeless SUPER -V+ GAMINATOR with the new Gaminator MY CASH Edition 1 as a standalone progressive offering.

The casino was also equipped with the NBS casino management system, including floor management, accounting and reporting routines, as well as ATMs and promotion towers. This state-of-the-art solution complies with regulatory requirements, offers maximum privacy and comfort to the customer and allows the operator to run all processes smoothly through a centralized and modern system. In line with the slogan “All in one Touch”, it has also been implemented in the entrance area for customer management and access control in accordance with the highest responsible gaming standards, supported by biometric recognition of fingerprints and faces.

The NOVOMATIC Interior Design Solutions (IDS) department has redesigned the reception according to the client’s requirements and with the prerequisite of integrating access control. The design of the new reception is based on a sophisticated modular concept including elegant interior design elements, indirect lighting and an intriguing five meter long chandelier made of mouth-blown glass balls.

Marco Ambrosini, CEO of Casino Campione, said: “Despite the pandemic situation and despite the adversity of the abrupt closure in 2018, Casino Campione d’Italia has now exceeded all expectations with an exciting restart. All the major reopening structures have been renewed, all the logistics organized and the machine park installed in time for the new season. With NOVOMATIC, we had a solid partner at our side: structured, competent and with decades of experience in the sector as well as the capacity to support the immense mechanism of a casino of 1,500 customers per day. By bringing their technicians and engineers to collaborate with our historic team, by updating and supporting it, NOVOMATIC has helped us to develop the casino’s offer towards the latest standards.

Franco Rota, President of NOVOMATIC Italia, said: “Casino Campione is a customer with whom we have a long-term commercial relationship of which we are very proud. Therefore, we are also delighted to be a partner of choice for the reopening of the casino. We congratulate Casino Campione on a successful new start, hoping of course that our excellent business relationship will last for many more years of mutual success.

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