Control your computer games with your eyes thanks to Eyeware…

If there’s one thing Apple is known for besides creating reliable and durable devices and operating systems, it’s that they have a highly developed sense of empathy. The iPhone, iPad and Mac have a number of features that help people with certain sensory or motor difficulties. They are behind the accessibility section. Thanks to these innovations, third parties are able to create applications as wonderful as Beam of glasses with which we can control our computer games with our eyes and head movements. Let’s see how that would work.

Eyeware Beam takes advantage of the system created by Apple: TrueDepth

Eyeware Beam is an app for iOS devices that takes advantage of the TrueDepth camera system. This allows users detect, analyze and track eye and/or head movements while playing a game on a computer.

The Eyeware company presented this application at CES and right now you have the installing the beta program. Except logically the application in the App Store. With this simple system and without the need for expensive or space-consuming third-party devices, we can take our games to another level thanks to our eye and head tracking system.

As he does? Using Face ID and TrueDepth Camera on iPhone and iPad. The app uses proprietary 3D head and eye tracking technology, separate from the features offered in ARKit. The front camera array is used to perform both eye tracking and head tracking, which the app then reports to peer software running on the computer.

the full functionality of this application does not remain only in this movement of the eyes and the head:

  • Convert the real head movements in game actions
  • Live broadcast see wherever you are on your screen in real time
  • One of the functions of development is that of power do without headphones, glasses and webcams. A feature that hasn’t even been patented yet but that already wants to be there ready to give it all.
  • Available for more than 190 computer games enabled for Open the track


With a program for the computer and an iPhone or iPad with the app also installed. Both free. We communicate the two devices by cable or Wi-Fi. We place the Apple device that detects our eyes and our head well and from this precise moment, we will be able to control the movements of the game with our eyes and our head. It sounds like science fiction.

If you don’t think this is an amazing breakthrough, tell all those people who normally can’t play games due to physical impossibility. This application is ready to remove many obstacles and it is very, very good.

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