Double deck: February 26, 2022 | Games

Bridge Base Online Duplicate Scores

Week of February 14 to February 20

Buffalo Bridge Center Monday evening – 0-750 Thu. North-south, Margaret Zhou and Joyce Frayer, 61.57%; Michael and Jim Hassett, 57.87% Barb and Jim Aston, 56.94%; east-west, Larry Himelein and David Schott, 62.96%; Mary Holmes and Leslie Deich, 59.72%; Jo Ann Smith and Maria Schory, 52.31%.

Buffalo Bridge Center Tuesday morning – 0-1,200 games. North-South, Audrey Ray and Sharon Wilcox, 63.43%; Martha Townson and Jim Lanzo, 62.96%; Mary Ball and Joyce Frayer, 56.48%; Jim Hassett and Bill Rich, 52.31%; east-west, Pamela Lombardo and John Marvin, 67.13%; Richard McGowan and Jim McClure, 54.63%; Marilyn Wortzman and Jim Easton, 53.24%; Judy Zeckhauser and Pat Haynes, 50.46%.

Buffalo Bridge Center Wednesday morning – Open game. Saleh Fetouh and Jay Costello, 61.11%; Mike Ryan and John Ziemer, 58.33%; Chris Urbanek and John Sinclair, 53.47%; Donna Steffan and Judy Padgug, 50%.

Buffalo Bridge Center Thursday morning – 0-1,500 games. North-South, Linda Milch and Jim McClure, 60.20%; (tie) Judy Zeckhauser and Pat Haynes, Maria Schory and Jim Hassett, 54.42%; Henry Chudy and Bill Rich, 51.36%; east-west, Marilyn Wortzman and Jim Easton, 59.18%; Carol Roth and Audrey Ray, 53.74%; Larry Himelein and David Schott, 52.38%; Janet Desmon and Joanne Nover, 51.02%.

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