Earthworm Jim 2, Worth A Fortune To Collectors, is coming to Nintendo Switch Online

dig dug II, MAPPY-EARTHand Earthworm Jim 2 make up the odd trio of games coming to Nintendo Switch Online this month. dig dug II and MAPPY-EARTH will join the NES library, while Earthworm Jim 2 joined the SNES section. Interestingly, all three games are sequels to titles that aren’t currently on the Nintendo Switch Online platform.

dig dug II is a choice that perhaps the Conservatives will celebrate. The decision to dump the original’s maze-based gameplay meant it didn’t achieve anything approaching the same success or popularity. MAPPY-EARTH is a mouse game on a quest to collect six target objects while avoiding a gangster cat and his minions.

This is Earthworm Jim 2 it’s the real star here.

Released in 1995, it is a bizarre game made by the Californian studio Shiny Entertainment. The direct sequel to The earthworm Jim, and the final game in the series that its creators would work on, the game sees Jim trying to hunt the evil Psy-crow, who has once again kidnapped Princess Whats-Her-Name. It expands on the gameplay of the original game, with new weapons and a sidekick for Jim that allows him to stick to certain surfaces.

One level transforms Jim into a blind cave salamander and makes his way through a giant intestinal tract full of exploding sheep. This same level ends with Salamander Jim trapped in a game show that features totally insane questions and answers. Another level features Jim’s head expanding like a balloon and the player gently guiding it upward as Evil the Cat attempts to deflate it.

As you complete each level, a short clip of cows in a field plays. The cows congratulate you. One of them smiles.

None of this is explained, in canon or out of it.

Although loose Earthworm Jim 2 cartridges seem to be relatively cheap and plentiful, new copies of the game have become something of a prize for collectors. According to retro game resale tracker PriceCharting, a sealed, unopened SNES copy sold on eBay for up to US$1,300 (or AU$1,731). An unopened copy of Mega Drive is going on eBay right now for nearly AU$3,900.

One wonders what its appearance on Nintendo Switch Online will do at these prices.

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