Elon Musk and Tesla set their sights on a new industry

Tesla premium electric vehicle maker (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report and its charismatic CEO Elon Musk have undoubtedly transformed the automotive industry.

Even Musk’s critics and opponents – and there are many of them – are forced to acknowledge that the billionaire has forced every automaker to convert to electrification.

Who would have imagined five years ago that Ford (F) – Get Ford Motor Company report was going to make the F-150 Lightning, the electric version of its best-selling F-150, one of its priorities.

What about the jeep (STLA) – Get the Stellantis NV reportthe ultimate all-terrain car brand, darling of safari fans, which should soon launch its first all-electric model.

The German giant Volkswagen (VLKAF) is set to create the luxury brand Porsche in hopes of unlocking value and catching up with Tesla.

Musk’s success and ability to put Tesla at the center of automotive conversations has also allowed new players like Rivian to emerge. (BANK) – Get the Class A report from Rivian Automotive, Inc. and lucid (LCID) – Get the report from Lucid Group, Inc. for example.

Having become the richest man in the world thanks to the rise in the stock market of Tesla, of which he holds 21% of the shares, Musk is also one of those who have relaunched the conquest of space with SpaceX.

If his personality and his multiple controversies divide, it is however difficult to bet against Musk.

Of course, there are broken promises about self-driving cars or its inability to meet deadlines, or meet product launch schedules.

Shaking up the video game industry

But few doubt its ability to disrupt an industry. Musk now displays his ambitions in the video game industry.

Musk now wants to expand the number of games compatible with Tesla cars. And to do that, he aims big. The billionaire wants to include more than 50,000 video games available on the popular Stream platform in the Tesla infotainment system.

The announcement was made, as often with the Musk method, during an exchange on the social network Twitter with users who challenged him on Cyberpunk, 2077, a game that has already been broadcast on the infotainment system. of the Model S Plaid.

“New Model S/X version of Cyberpunk when?” asked one user.

Musk replied, “We’re working on the general case of running Steam games on a Tesla versus specific titles. Form is obviously where we should be long term.

Musk did not give further details.

This ad from Musk suggests Tesla was not demotivated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s December launch of an investigation after reports emerged that drivers can play video games on the screen. car touchscreen when in motion.

The investigation followed a New York Times investigation into Tesla’s video game features highlighting the so-called “passenger game” option. The report says an update to Tesla’s firmware added at least three games that drivers could access while the car was running – and that in a warning that appears before the game starts, Tesla points out that it is aware of this and that “playing while the car is in motion is for passengers only.” The take reports that a button asks if the player is a passenger, but a driver can also play by simply touching it.

Tesla has decided to disable the Passenger Play feature.

August 2014 U.S. video game sales rise thanks to high console sales

Turn cars into living rooms

The company has never made a secret of its ambition to turn its cars into rolling lounges where passengers can be entertained by streaming movies and TV shows, even playing their favorite video games or simply doing something else. what to drive once they activate autonomous driving. system.

Making the Steam library accessible from Tesla Arcade, the video game space of the Tesla infotainment system, is a big step towards realizing this ambition. Ultimately, Tesla’s goal would probably be to monetize access to this type of service.

But it makes sense to wonder how Tesla will manage to technically integrate super advanced games from Stream.

The new versions of the Model S and Model X embed a new computing platform with a computing capacity of up to 10 teraflops (measurement of the speed of a processor or one of the arithmetic calculation units of a processor ) capable of offering an experience equivalent to that of the latest consoles, such as gaming (END) – Get the Sony Corp report. PlayStation 5 or Microsoft (MSFT) – Get the Microsoft Corporation report Xbox Series X, according to The Verge.

Tesla cars already feature high-end graphics cards in multimedia control units and in electronic control units, according to an update provided in November by the company.

Since the introduction of video games in Arcade in 2019, the system currently offers around twenty games.

Stream is both an online content sales platform, a personalized toy library accessible via the internet and a community platform.

Thus, it is possible to buy a very large number of products, in particular video games, on this platform. This will not be a purchase of the physical product (box and CD), but of the computer version, so you can download the game directly to your computer once the transaction has been completed.

Steam is very well known because it is the platform that offers one of the largest selections of video games in the world. Coming from all backgrounds and all publishers, whether small independent games, or large games from international development teams.

Whether you are looking for the immersion of role-playing games, the realism of simulation games, strategy games or the unexpected of adventure games, all video game entertainment is offered on the platform for all audiences.

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