Everything about the new Marvel video game

spider-man remastered the new name is Video game of miracle He is about to see the light of day and will be played by fans of this lovable character and gamers around the world.

The story of this game tells the adventures we already know about the character Spider Man, Whose films span from the early 2000s to the present day and have introduced us to the protagonist’s various enemies, who Video game Scorpion and Doctor retreat into the Octopus case, which has been around since the first advances. Video gameAs you can see, he is working on the appendices that will eventually define him.


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Something that caught the attention of players and is one of the main offers of this edition spider-man remastered It features technological advancements that take advantage of the latest from PlayStation such as near-instant charging (although there is an option for traditional charging with animations), spatial 3D audio in compatible headphones, haptic technology revolutionary DualSense controller and adaptive trigger. Thanks to the technology of the game, you will be able to change your costume Spider Man from the three available options.

For those with compatible GPUs, the game will have ray tracing capabilities at various quality levels, as well as Nvidia DLSS and DLAA support. As if that weren’t enough, fans of spider-man remastered They will be able to take advantage of the new rendering system with filtering of textures, shadows and improved levels of detail. In other words, it really is a sophisticated and detailed proposition for a more immersive experience.

We know all, thanks to the game’s new expansion campaign run by PlayStation, where they also announced details like when it will be available, cost, and what requirements you’ll need. play it,

Launch, cost and requirements

spider-man remastered It will be released on August 12, 2022. The creation, between Insomniac Games and Nixxess, will be available to players worldwide for a cost of around 1,200 Mexican pesos. If yes, if you do it on PC, you will have to meet certain requirements to be able to play it:

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