Evil Dead game on Steam | Is the PC version an Epic Games Store exclusive?

If you’ve tried to find the new Evil Dead: The Game on Steam, you’ll have noticed that it doesn’t seem to exist on that particular PC launcher/showcase.

Hardened Steam users know this is becoming more and more common – more and more PC launchers are appearing all the time, and game developers/publishers are often striking exclusivity deals with these rival platforms.

To be honest, we’d be amazed if you manage to be a PC gamer these days without having two, three, or even four different launchers installed on your machine.

So what’s up with Evil Dead: The Game not on Steam? Keep reading to find out.

Evil Dead game on Steam: is it an Epic Games Store exclusive?

Evil Dead: The Game Is not on Steamand the developers have announced no plans to bring the game to this particular platform.

The reason for this? Well, it looks like the game’s developer (Saber Interactive) and publisher (Boss Team Games) have chosen to strike a deal with the Epic Games Store Instead. You can click this link in the previous sentence to go to Epic’s product page for the game.

Epic’s Fortnite creators are, of course, one of Valve’s biggest Steam launcher rivals right now – they’re even giving away free Epic Games Store games every two weeks to keep people nice. And if that rivalry could be dramatically called a war, Epic seems to have won that particular battle.

If you play on console as well as PC, you can grab Evil Dead: The Game from the Xbox Store or the Play store if you don’t feel like going down the Epic Games Store itinerary. All these versions of the game are now available and you can click on these links to check them out. The Nintendo Switch version is expected to arrive at a later date.

NVIDIA GeForce Now is also getting involved in the PC side of Evil Dead: The Game, which will be music to the ears of all streaming game fans.

This means that, if you have the PC version through the Epic Games Store, you should be able to stream it to your phone using NVIDIA GeForce Now. NVIDIA has done a whole blog post about it if you want to know more.

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