Game sponsor Mr Beast Squid, game sponsor Brawl Stars, increases download peak after video

The Brawl Stars mobile multiplayer battle arena was the sponsor of a real-world Squid Game event, which skyrocketed the game’s success.

After YouTuber MrBeast recently hosted a real life Squid game contest, mobile game sponsor Brawl stars received a huge spike in popularity and downloads. The South Korean survival drama series took the world by storm when it released on Netflix in September 2021, with its peculiar blend of graphic violence and social commentary drawing viewers around the world. Squid gameThe Deadly Challenges Gauntlet, while thankfully non-violent, was recently recreated in real life by YouTuber and video game fan MrBeast with a cash prize of $ 456,000 as a reward.

Squid game, created by South Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk, is a survival drama series where players must participate in children’s games with a deadly twist. Innocent schoolyard games like “red light, green light”, tug of war and marbles are transformed into gruesome life and death competitions, with losers being mercilessly executed by mysterious masked assistants. Squid game seeks to analyze the class disparity and poverty experienced by Hwang in his youth, as impoverished participants are drawn into the bloody games with the promise of a huge cash prize. While the hit Netflix series seems like a perfect setup for a competitive multiplayer video game, no official interactive adaptations have yet been revealed. However, a playable Squid game The video game was created by independent developer Farwal and published through the indie games website


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YouTuber MrBeast recently held a real-world version of Squid game, and according to Sensor tower, the event led to a huge increase in sales for the sponsor Brawl stars. The multiplayer mobile battle arena title, developed by Supercell, was first released in December 2018. The game pits players against each other in various game modes and features a variety of different playable characters to choose from. While Brawl stars was not a particularly popular title, its sponsorship of MrBeast’s Squid game hobbies greatly improved his success. Brawl stars has seen a 41% increase in downloads worldwide since the November 24 event, and in-game spending is said to have increased by 54%. However, this attention can also be the result of Brawl stars World Finals competition, which began on November 26.

Brawl Stars is a mobile multiplayer arena

MrBeast’s recent Squid game The hobbies have drawn new levels of attention to the YouTube star, but her connection to the video game industry goes back much further. His fondness for donating money led to the creation of a MrBeast charity skin in Fall guys: ultimate knockout, popular platformer Battle Royale, in December 2020. Developer Mediatonic hosted a charity costume contest last year that asked fans to donate to SpecialEffect, an organization that helps players with physical disabilities, to win an in-game skin. A team of MrBeast and other streams donated $ 1 million to the charity, which resulted in a fall guys skin inspired by YouTuber.

With the novelty and real world success of MrBeast Squid game, it’s no wonder the event’s sponsors received a spike of attention. Brawl stars was launched in 2018, but mobile gaming has never been able to achieve the popularity of some other titles of this type. With MrBeast’s fascinating event giving the title a new level of exposure, it looks like Brawl stars maybe in fact Squid gamethe most profitable winner.

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Brawl stars is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Sensor tower

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