Gollum Video Game Will No Longer Launch With Amazon’s LOTR Show

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, a video game where you play as the titular jewelry fan, has been delayed from its September 1 release date. According a statement posted on Twitter by the game’s developers, Daedalic Entertainment, it will be released “a few months” later, with the exact date to come.

Game lags are extremely common these days, but that makes it the Gollum the game will not launch alongside Amazon’s Prime Video show, power rings, which will premiere on September 2. While the show is set long before Sméagol got his hands on the Ring, it’s easy to imagine the game would get a bit of a boost if it released a day before a hit show from the same franchise.

Still, giving developers, QA, and everyone else involved the time they need to do their job is more important than setting a specific release date. If Daedalic times it correctly, he may even be able to release the game right at the end of the show; according What to watchthe first season of power rings will consist of eight episodes, releasing once a week. Either way, if the show is any good (which you’d hoped, considering Amazon spent an astronomical amount on it), The Lord of the Rings could recuperate a few weeks or months in cultural awareness, which Gollum could benefit from.

The game is slated for release on PlayStation 4 and 5, PC, Xbox One and Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch. Originally, the Switch version was supposed to come out a few months after the others. Daedalic did not immediately respond to The edgeWhether the Switch version could launch alongside the others due to the delay or if it would still release a few months later.

If you’re looking forward to playing as Gollum, you might want to check it out the teaser which was released earlier this month.

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