Grand Theft Auto’s worst quest givers

In the Grand Theft Auto games, players will receive quests from all sorts of characters, including unfortunately a few that they’d rather not bother with. At least some annoying quest givers are optional, but others are required for the story. While the player is at least compensated for most missions, they may find themselves wanting hazard pay for having to deal with such insufferable characters.

Given the criminal nature of Grand Theft Auto protagonists, it’s no surprise that they take jobs from many characters in their respective games. Most of the time, these missions come from various underworld connections, but some come from close associates or even complete strangers. Much like the series itself, these missions tend to get weird, especially when they’re not part of the main storyline. Grand Theft AutoThe many protagonists of have had their share of missions that ultimately felt like a waste of time.


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Grand Theft Auto the games may offer some of the biggest sandboxes out there, but it’s not entirely a mix of thrilling shootouts and car chases. Sometimes the game forces the player to hang out with some really insufferable characters if they want to complete everything in the game. GTAless likable characters.

Zero from San Andreas gives the player boring and useless quests

To Zero’s credit, he’s far from the worst person to appear in a Grand Theft Auto Title. It’s not even clear if he has a criminal record before meeting CJ. However, it compensates for this by offering some of the most annoying and frustrating tasks in the game, including San Andreas‘ hated the Supply Lines mission. To make matters worse, his reasons for these missions are absolutely ridiculous.

Zero is an optional character whose missions the player can unlock by having CJ buy his struggling hobby shop. Zero has his own questline involving his feud with his rival, Berkley. The two have been feuding for years because Zero beat Berkley at a science fair. CJ rightly calls it ridiculous, but can still carry on Zero’s missions. These GTA the missions require the player to use a turret or one of Zero’s RC planes, which have rather unstable controls that add to the already high difficulty of the missions. They’re some of the most frustrating parts of the game, and the absurd nature of Zero and Berkley’s feud is more unnecessary than funny.

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He should say something that even San Andreas‘ David Cross hates Zero’s missions, and he voiced the man. While he also partakes in the rather entertaining Casino Heist questline, Zero’s own missions are among San Andreas‘ most frustrating. Her feud with Berkley is a plot diversion without a satisfying payoff, and she could have been removed from the game without consequence.

Joe and Josef from GTA 5 are racist jerks not worth the player’s time

With Auto grand flight 5 being the quirky game that it is, many Strangers and Freaks missions lead the player to colorful characters. A good portion of them, like Mary Ann and Dom, lead to fun interactions and missions. However, Joe and Josef, the self-proclaimed civilian border patrol, doesn’t offer fun interactions or enjoyable missions.

Trevor is a weird man, so one would expect the missions exclusive to him to be weird in an entertaining way, akin to RDR2Strange and intriguing missions from abroad. However, Joe and Josef are utterly lacking in charisma characters that send the player off to some of the most boring GTA assignments. Their only real character trait is their racism, their only consistent joke being Josef’s obsession with America despite only speaking Russian. None of them are funny, and even Trevor doesn’t like them, only working with them because he gets paid. The only two missions they send Trevor on are all about harassing innocent people, so their missions aren’t even fun to make up for their unkindness and lack of entertainment value.

The only enjoyable mission involving Joe and Josef is their last appearance, where they are the enemies. The player is involved in a high-speed chase with Joe riding around on a tractor while Trevor pursues him with guns and angry talk. Trevor is not Auto grand theft 5is the better protagonist, but it’s hard not to cheer him against Joe in this fight. While the final questline mission is good, it doesn’t make up for having to spend time with such unlikable characters beforehand.

It’s shocking that GTA 4’s Vlad survived as long as he did

Grand Theft Auto 4 is considered the most pessimistic of GTA games, which is one of the reasons it’s considered an outsider compared to the zaniness of other titles in the series. In fact, other than Roman and Brucie, Niko doesn’t spend much time with lighthearted characters. Instead, the poor guy has to deal with a lot of nasty characters, with early game antagonist Vlad easily not only being the most hateful, but about as stupid as drunk driving. grand theft auto 4.

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Vlad was a member of the Russian mafia who extorted Niko’s cousin Roman at the start of the game. Given Niko’s protectiveness of his family, this already gives Vlad a fairly short lifespan. Instead of immediately going after Vlad, Niko ends up doing some jobs for him to try to convince him to leave Roman alone. In each of these GTA missions, Vlad is a huge jerk to Niko or anyone else, and not in a comedic way. The fact that he treats Niko and Roman terribly casts major doubt on his decision-making abilities, especially since he knows how dangerous Niko is due to the type of jobs he gives him. If the rumor Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster is coming, few gamers will likely be happy to work for Vlad again.

Vlad’s greatest condemnation as a character comes after his inevitable end at the hands of Niko. His bosses end up recruiting Niko rather than punishing him because they hated Vlad and saw him as a liability. Unduly arrogant and unnecessarily cruel, it’s almost a blessing that Vlad is only there to bully Niko and Roman for the game’s first two hours.

Grand Theft Auto the protagonists see several bosses during their adventures, from criminal masterminds to complete strangers. Even so, for every mission giver players like, there’s probably one they’d rather not associate with. When it comes to Grand Theft Autoone can only hope that the worst mission bosses can be safely avoided.

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