How Uncharted could solve the great downfall of video game adaptations

The Uncharted movie could restore the potential of video game adaptations and reignite audience demand for adventure films.

A film adaptation of Unexplored has been the wish of many fans and moviegoers for quite some time. Now that this is finally happening, it may set the stage for the emergence of better video game adaptations, as well as the possibility of having more adventure films in the limelight.

It took more than a decade for Sony to move forward in the production of Unexplored. The wait was so long that Mark Wahlberg, who was once set to play lead character Nathan Drake, moved on to supporting Victor Sully, making way for Tom Holland to take over. Besides its stars, the project also had many directors attached throughout these years until it finally landed on Ruben Fleischer. Both trailers for the film promise a ride that resembles the spectacular action sequences of the video game.

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However, looking like its counterpart isn’t enough to make a good film adaptation, as many would agree. There are several past examples of video game adaptations that have attempted this with disappointment. In contrast to Unexplored, by Alicia Vikander Grave robber, the most recent adaptation of the video game of the same name, portrayed adventurer Lara Croft in an origin story that looked exactly like the last installments in the video game trilogy. Sadly, the film didn’t move audiences enough to get a sequel, nor did it receive particularly critical acclaim.

Grave robber is probably the most comparable example to Unexplored: the two video games feature an adventurer who travels in exotic scenarios and discovers ancient mysteries. Angelina Jolie first played the role of Lara Croft in 2001 and later in her sequel, The cradle of life, in 2003. However, the franchise cooled off due to some questionable creative choices, poor scripting, and a general lack of video game resemblance. Vikander’s film is by far an improvement, but staying so close to the game has turned it into an uninspired and bland origin story.

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Nathan Drake

Director Ruben Fleischer, however, believes that a video game-to-film adaptation shouldn’t try to recreate the video game experience, for a start. In the February 2022 issue of imperial review, the director said that despite drawing inspiration from the video game experience, he “wanted to make sure it worked like a movie first.” UnexploredThe third act is mind-blowing and enthralling for the fans.

Yes Unexplored Living up to its expectations, it could do a lot more than just break the curse of video game adaptation and also favor moviegoers with the possibility of more adventure films. Hollywood is full of franchises from surprise successes: Pirate movies were once considered a cursed genre until Pirates of the Caribbean arrived and its success translated into a five-movie franchise. The fantasy genre also struggled to gain recognition for its quality and stories until The Lord of the Rings captivated a large audience and won 11 Oscars.

Popular adventure films like Indiana Jones are rare and Unexplored may very well change that. Nonetheless, even though it underperforms, it’s still good to see that there is an effort to bring the genre to the big screen. Hopefully audiences will see a lot more Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and more exotic adventures on the big screen in Unexplored to wake up.

To see if the film succeeds with critics and audiences, Uncharted is slated to hit theaters on February 18, 2022.

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