‘In Sound Mind’: New Israeli Video Game Released For PC, PS5, Xbox

In fine fettle, a new video game developed by Israeli game studio We Create Stuff and published by Modus Games, was finally released on Tuesday, hitting digital distribution services Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S from Microsoft.

The title is in the genre of psychological horror, and influences from some of the genre’s past luminaries such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent are very visible.

As Amnesia, In fine fettle is a game played in the first person perspective with a strong emphasis on puzzle solving. However, it also shows off its survival horror influences, with an added focus on action and boss fights.

This is done by obtaining items through exploration, with new items opening up new avenues of play and progressing through the story.

In In fine fettle, the players take on the role of psychologist Desmond Wales, who woke up trapped in a strange building. During his journey, he encounters horrific monsters, strange visions, a mystery involving a series of victims and experimental chemicals, and a cat named Tonia.

The building itself serves as a sort of central world, with a series of found cassettes serving as game levels, allowing the player to explore the minds of the victims and battle the various monsters inside.

Fight a monster in the Israeli-made video game “In Sound Mind”. (credit: We create stuff)

And it’s this setup that makes the gameplay feel fresh every time. A typical feature of horror games is the unique set of mechanics. Amnesia, for example, focused on stealth and puzzle solving. FEAR emphasized fast-paced high-intensity action with intense shootouts.

Corn In fine fettle does not lock itself into a particular set of mechanisms. Rather, each gang brings its own set of mechanics and challenges for the player to overcome.

The atmosphere of the game is also fully on display, with haunting and stunning visuals and a soundtrack from The Living Tombstone giving each level its own distinct feel.

And of course, there’s Tonia the cat. And yes, you can stroke her.

Protagonist Desmond Wales is seen stroking Tonia the cat in Israeli video game video game “In Sound Mind”. (crédit : Nous créons des trucs)”/>Protagonist Desmond Wales is seen stroking Tonia the cat in the Israeli video game “In Sound Mind”. (credit: We create stuff)

The game has only just been released but has already been praised in reviews, getting 4/5 stars from Screen cry and, at the time of writing, and 81% of Metacritic. User reviews on Steam have also been positive so far.

The game is currently available on consoles and PC, with its current special promotion priced at 15% off at 112.15 NIS. Although it is not yet released, it will also be available for the Nintendo Switch soon.

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