Internet slams broken man by buying video game instead of wife’s Christmas present

A woman received a surge of sympathy online after revealing that her husband did not have the money to buy her a Christmas present because he “is reluctant to work”.

The woman posted her dilemma on Reddit’s popular Am I The A ** hole subreddit, as Czechvegan, revealing that she had almost begged her other half to give her at least one Christmas card.

But she claims he called her a “materialist,” despite the fact that he spent the last of his money on video games on himself and had the nerve to ask her for gifts.

The woman, who revealed that she worked as a librarian, said: “With Christmas approaching, I wanted a present from my husband, mainly for the symbolism like the idea of ​​getting a Christmas present, I know that he doesn’t have a lot of money because he is very reluctant to work and avoids going to his part-time job most of the time, so I told him it could be something small, like a little stuffed animal or a key chain or even a Christmas card but today he told me he don’t I have no money and I won’t have any until next year because that he spent his last money on a video game he wanted. “

Despite his claim that the holidays should be about the family, it seems like he carries double standards because he had already given her his Christmas list.

She continued, “He says I’m a materialist because I want a present (even though he asked for several things that I have already bought) and Christmas should be a time with family rather than material things, so I feel guilty and I might be wrong. but I’m not sure. “

And since he wasn’t a fan of the job, she revealed that they only live off his salary.

She added: “If it matters, I pay all the bills and living expenses so it’s not that I ever asked for anything (he gave me a card on my day. birthday when I asked her) so I don’t think I’m ‘I’m so materialistic but I feel a little bad so is it unreasonable for me to want a Christmas present considering that it would be really cheap or is this a reasonable desire? “

Her situation has garnered more than 10,000 upvotes since it was shared on Monday and drew thousands of additional comments.

In an effort to better understand her situation, she answered numerous questions claiming that her husband’s job was construction and that they had been married for two years.

Clarifying her position on employment, she said: “… My husband says he only wants to work part time because he wants more time to play video games.”

While she added that their relationship “definitely changed after marriage he worked full time before but after marriage said he was exhausted and eventually got a part time job but wont really go. to that, but what can I do, calmly asking him and communicating doesn’t change anything and it makes him angry if I talk about it and if I didn’t pay all the bills we would be homeless and if I didn’t do them chores, we would live in a pigsty. “

Her situation has seen a tidal wave of counseling, with many urging her to assess what she’s getting out of the relationship.

Sapper12D commented, “Drop it via a gift under the tree. Make sure it’s for yourself, because it’s the best thing you can afford this year.”

SerenityFate wrote: “NTA jeez the boldness of this man. OP, you deserve better than that.”

Honeymochie said, “Regardless of the freebies, why is OP with this lazy person? Refusing to work at his part-time job while his wife foots the bill? He’s not even a stay-at-home husband.”

While koolhandluc thought, “NTA. Keep the presents and turn the husband over.”

“Seriously what a tool. He won’t work and can’t even get his ass up for his part-time job … why suffer like that ??” Mrrose1491 added.

According to Statista, Americans are expected to spend around $ 886, on average, on Christmas gifts in 2021.

Breaking down the expenses, the Fortunly website found that Americans spent an average of $ 123 on their other half over Christmas.

They claimed that men spent $ 20 more on their other half than women, and added: “When it comes to high-end generosity, 12.5% ​​of Americans spend more than $ 300 on their spouses on Christmas. . “

News week contacted Czechvegan for comment.

File photo of a man playing a video game. A woman revealed that her broke husband was not giving her a present because he was spending the last of his money on games.
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