Marvel’s Spider-Man fan video turns the game into first-person

A Marvel’s Spider-Man fan used the game’s photo mode to create a stop-motion video that features the game online in first person.

A fan used the photo mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man to create a first person swinging superhero video. The canvas swaying in Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the best features in the game and has done a great job of getting players to feel the thrill of catapulting through the air around New York City. Nonetheless, fans love to give it an even more immersive and cinematic touch whenever they can.

Fans used Marvel’s Spider-Manphoto mode in various creative ways since the game’s release. Whether it’s for taking creative photos or noticing hidden details that foreshadow twists later in the game. One player recently discovered that if he makes sure that enemies are not visible in photo mode, Otto Octavius ​​will disappear long before he dons the tentacles and becomes Doctor Octopus. Of course, most people know that the scientist is set to transform into an infamous mad scientist, but that’s a neat detail for those who play around with photo mode.


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YouTuber This is spid captured over 850 photos using photo mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man to make a stop-motion video of the swaying web-slinger in first person. Whoever has seen The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield will notice the similarities between this video and some of the footage in the film. Some fans are hoping that Insomniac will include the Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but the developer may keep it for the sequel given the amount of post-launch content they’ve released for the current iteration of the game.

Will Insomniac find the time or not to set up a first person camera for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that remains to be seen. It would add a special touch and also allow the developer to keep the web fresh for the fans. The sequel already has a lot to offer with the potential for co-op or character switching, villains like Venom, and possibly a number of other new mechanics to give players a way to deal with the new threats.

Fans have also requested that a number of other elements be added to the upcoming title, such as a web catapult in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. There is still a long way to go before the game’s release, so depending on the requests and comments side, there might be a chance that some of these features will make their way into the sequel. Nonetheless, it looks like fans will find ways to keep themselves entertained with the first Marvel’s Spider-Man waiting for.

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Source: This is Spider / YouTube

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