Mech brawler Daemon X Machina is free to keep next week

Daemon X Machina released on PC in early 2020, after about six months as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. It’s a third-person mech fighting game developed by Marvelous, and while it’s definitely worth it if you like anime and mechs, it gets pretty repetitive, depending on our opinion.

Soon you’ll be able to try it out in a no-stakes environment, as it’s next week’s giveaway on the Epic Games Store. It will be available between January 27 and February 3 and will follow the current Free Game Epic Games Store, Relic.

As repetitive as it may be, Daemon X Machina has a lot going for it. For those missing From Software’s Armored Core series, this is probably the closest you’ll get for a while. It was produced by Armored Core veteran Kenichiro Tsukuda, and while it’s decidedly more colorful than From’s older robot series, Daemon X Machina definitely inherits some of its feel.

“Daemon X Machina is accessible enough to appeal to those with no prior mechanical gaming experience,” wrote Chris Scullion in his review. “It takes a mission or two to get used to controlling your mech, but it kicks in quickly: flight is toggled on and off by hitting the jump button, triggers manage your various weapons, the D-pad lets you allows you to swap different firearms on the fly.”

Speaking of robot-on-robot violence, it looks like From Software’s armored core is making a comeback, with Hidetaka Miyazaki at the helm. According to Mollie’s report, the boss fights will be “Soulsy” and the architecture will be expansive, while retaining the old (read: extremely grey) Armored Core art style.

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