Mike Shinoda steps up efforts to vouch for NFTs in games

Popular musician and online content creator Mike Shinoda has received a wave of backlash after vouching for NFTs and their usefulness in the video game space. The 44-year-old has now followed up on his initial comments.

The concept of blockchain games is a whole new one in the gaming arena, and a lot of people are still trying to line up for the legitimacy of these titles.

While the rest of the population may still be trying to sort out their feelings about the NFT-centric experiences, Mike Shinoda is certainly convinced of the unique appeal of owning the media he interacts with, and even of owning the media with which he interacts. a wave of angry twitter comments did not change his mind.

Mike Shinoda continues to vouch for NFTs in games

Twitter: mikeshinoda

Mike Shinoda is best known as a member of Linkin Park, but he’s also an accomplished performer (and streamer) outside of the group.

Shinoda opened the floor by addressing both what he had learned from his first thread on the subject and what he felt had been poorly communicated through the situation.

He first recognized that there were bad actors in any group and sympathized with anyone who suggested that NFTs in games were just another way for publishers to earn money. money with their community.

Afterwards, the rapper also suggested that the world might not be quite ready for the day when players could take NFTs from one game and implement them in another, but he pointed out that it was always a situation worth dreaming of: “Our job as creators is to learn and imagine; take the position “What could work?” Instead of “Why isn’t it working?” “”

Going further, the veteran musician highlighted how this new type of distribution allowed him to sell 5,000 unique digital copies of his generative mixtape “Ziggurats” and instantly receive royalties on those sales, a completely new feat in the industry. music industry.

In conclusion, the singer-songwriter closed the thread by issuing a warning to anyone wishing to get involved in the business: “If you’re going to work with NFTs, you have to give, not take. You are working against a headwind. It will take a lot of work to impress them with something awesome.

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