One of Apogee’s first new games features a New Zealand zombie shooter

We reported earlier this year how legendary shareware publisher Apogee Entertainment is back. Overnight, the company announced two of its first new titles: a high-end pixel-art adventure and a zombie shooter set in New Zealand that’s eerily familiar to Days Gone.

The zombie game is called Dead fury, and it stars a soldier stationed in New Zealand called Logan. the official site notes that Logan has been infected, but has not yet turned into a zombie. If the appearance is similar to Days Gone, it is because it is exactly what developers are looking for, according to the “reasons to play” section:

Help create a Days Gone game-play style * on PC (*Days Gone is a Playstation exclusive)

Apogee announced the game alongside Under the stone, which was the only inclusion of Apogee in this year’s edition East Indian Showcase PAX OnlineIt’s a top-down pixel-art adventure that mixes procedural dungeons, mining, and an intricate crafting system.

Dead fury is currently targeting a release in 2023, while Under the stone is due out next year. Both titles target all current and next-gen consoles, with PC release via Steam.

As is customary with PAX, some of the other indies in Showcase are already known or released, such as the excellent rally art, or New Zealand manufacturing Mini highways. But there are plenty of cool new titles, like themed pinball machine Rollers of the Realm: Reunion, Terracotta, the roguelike pachinko Peglin, and the strategy-sim Imagine the earth, which will be launched very soon.

We still haven’t heard more from Apogee on some of the titles featured in their initial showcase, like Monster Bash HD, or a possible remaster / remake for Raptor: Call of Shadows. The cool look Residual, the first new title announced by Apogee upon its return, is not part of the PAX Online Indie Showcase. And my personal hopes for one Terminal speed remastering / rebooting didn’t pay off either, although that’s about as likely as Tim Sweeney’s re-release. One must fall: 2097.

Yet like Apogee – which helped bring games like Descent, Blood, Death Rally, Commander Keen, Ascension of the triad and many other classics brought to life in the early ’90s – continues to make a comeback, we’ll keep you posted.

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