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[imagesource: YouTube / Red Bull]

Some of us weren’t completely out of the 2005 Crazy Monkey movie Straight out of Benoni.

For my part, I feel a kinship with those skating demons who were constantly trying to prove themselves.

Either way, life goes on and it looks like this whole scene has seen measurable improvements.

On the one hand, they now call it parkour or freerunning, and there are real athletes and professionals who do it very well and who are sponsored by big brands like Red Bull.

So we go straight out of Benoni, and go to Johannesburg, ‘The City Of Gold’.

Spot Australian freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso and his epic Jozi adventure that took place in July.

He starred in the exciting new project titled City of gold, which recently debuted on Red Bull’s YouTube channel, reaching millions of viewers around the world, reports People of South Africa.

City of gold takes on a video game-like structure as Di Tommaso ascends, descends, in and out of some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

This includes Hillbrow’s Ponte Tower, Gold Reef City, Soweto Theater, Constitution Hill, and Sandton, with the latest conquest made at a point atop the city’s skyline:

His video is sure to attract a whole new generation of video-playing tourists. In the project, Di Tommaso is teleported to Johannesburg while playing a video game.

The Gold Rush-themed project pays homage to Johannesburg’s nickname “the city of gold”. Gold was first discovered in 1884 and the city was founded soon after.

It’s a riot to see Di Tommaso turn around, leveling up in the game as he tries to win gold, while also presenting Jozi in a way many of us have never seen before:

The former ballet dancer and figure skater knows how to keep his movement as elegant as ever, which is one of the reasons he has managed to amass 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 220,000 on Youtube:

He’s even become a regular at the world’s most prestigious freerun competition, the Red Bull Art of Motion.


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