Pearson launches $ 15 subscription service for college textbooks

Textbooks have never been cheap, but are a must buy. However, the largest publisher of university textbooks is introducing a cheaper digital alternative for students this year.

Pearson has announcement the launch of a two-tier subscription service called Pearson +, offering access to over 1,500 digital textbooks for $ 9.99 or $ 14.99 per month. The single level option allows access to one Pearson electronic text at a time for $ 9.99, while the multilevel allows unlimited access to over 1,500 Pearson electronic texts for $ 14.99. When you register, you agree to a period of four months before the subscription is automatically renewed month by month. However, it is possible to deactivate the automatic renewal function in the settings.

The manuals can be read on your PC or via a mobile application. Offline access is possible and audio versions of some books will be available. Pearson also promises “advanced note-taking capability with enhanced search features,” flash card sets, font and background options for each book, and 24/7 live support. for students. Discounts are also available for Smarthinking tutoring services.

Compared to spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks that can only be useful for a year, Pearson + is going to be a very tempting and therefore popular alternative. It will also save Pearson a small fortune in book printing and shipping costs if the subscription service proves popular. It is also potentially good news for the environment.

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