Phasmophobia Exposure Update Explanation

Just before Halloween 2020, Phasmophobia introduces a new way to play cooperative horror games. With an emphasis on the use of the microphone, players would take on the role of ghost hunters trying to find evidence of the supernatural in buildings across America. Phasmophobia was released with some innovative features like the ghost to understand some of the players questions. That being said, it has come a long way in adding new content and improving its mechanics.

The most recent update, Exposition, brought many changes and improvements to Phasmophobia. Everything from tools to ghosts has received some form of new content or technical improvements. Not only is this huge for the game, but it also shows developer Kinetic Games is dedicated to evolving on the experience that has already sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

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New features and content in Phasmophobia: Exhibition

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The biggest thing that has been reworked in this update is how sprinting works. Previously the player was forced to crawl through each building which was a drag Phasmophobia Levels of prison and asylum. Now, players sprint at increased speeds for short durations, with the old sprint speed becoming the new walking speed. However, ghosts can now also move faster when they see the player and begin their hunt.

There is also new content, like two new types of ghosts: the Goryo and the Myling. There is also a new DOTS projector, intended to capture any movement of an entity passing in front of it. In addition to the Spotlight, almost all tools have received new skins and effects when affected by nearby entities. A ghost can now hear electronic equipment while hunting in the same way as player voices. The Ghostbusters phase received a lot of buffs overall.

Changes in the update

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Evidence has changed for all types of ghosts, and the DOTS projector now has its own place on the evidence list. Ghost Hunting will no longer affect all electronic devices within range, but will instead focus on the area the ghost is currently hunting in. Fortunately, the Spirit Box now has a number of icons that can tell players if they are being heard, as well as whether the ghost is responding. There have also been lighting and sound changes on most cards, providing a more natural feel to the surroundings.

In addition, the infrared sensor was combined with the motion sensor, mainly due to the fact that it had minimal functionality before. The outline for placing objects has been changed with visibility improvements. The satellite dish microphone can pick up ghost noises as well as random footsteps, but it now only works in a home. The tutorial has also been updated for those who need a refresher or want to learn how to use the new equipment.

It has been almost a year since Phasmophobia, and in recent months the game has had an average player base of 15,000 people. This is likely to increase as more people go online to experience new equipment and features. If Kinetic is able to keep even a fraction of that level of content, it’s likely to maintain a strong fan base until Phasmophobiaofficial release date of. That being said, he’ll also have to find new ways to shock and terrorize his fans.

Phasmophobia is available now on PC.

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