Players can now link their PSN and Steam accounts in PlayStation PC games

Players can now link their PlayStation Network and Steam accounts in PlayStation PC games, starting with Marvel’s Spider-Man. It received a patch which added the feature and it is the first PlayStation PC game to have this feature added.

A new registration page on PlayStation website which allows players to connect their accounts is also now live. The page description says:

“Link your Steam account to PlayStation Network to receive unlocks in this game and other PlayStation Studios games. You will also receive the latest news, updates and offers for PlayStation Studios games on PC or PlayStation platforms. by creating a Sony account for PlayStation Network or by logging in with your existing Sony account and password.

For new accounts, you can accept emails and console messages when creating your account. For existing accounts, opt in to messages via the “Notifications” tab in your account settings. »

It’s currently unclear if Sony’s other PC games will be updated with the same feature.

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