PS5 games will never launch on PC on same day, says former CEO

PlayStation has tentatively dipped its toes into PC gaming over the past few years by releasing several Steam ports of its top games, and according to former Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Shawn Layden, more support is on the way. However, it also cautions that we shouldn’t hold our breath for day and date releases on PS5 and PC.

In a video interview with the What’s new PlayStation As a YouTube channel, Layden disclosed some details about PlayStation’s PC plan when he left the company. In it, he said the plan with PC was “to go where these new customers are, these new fans might be” in the hope of influencing them towards consoles and PlayStation games.

It would certainly make sense with PC versions like Horizon Zero Dawn which released on PC and now has a new fanbase who might be desperate to play the console-exclusive sequel, Horizon Forbidden West when it releases early in this season. next year.

It should be noted that Layden retired from his role as CEO of SIE Worldwide Studios just over two years ago in 2019, so his information may be a bit out of date.

Considering that since he left we’ve been in the grip of a global pandemic and faced huge PS5 shortages, there’s a good chance that Sony’s internal conversations will be very different today than what. they were at the time.

However, in terms of PlayStation experts, you can’t do much better than Layden, and her comments so far match what we’ve seen and heard from the company in recent months. Only time will prove if Layden’s predictions are correct, but we would be inclined to believe it.

Analysis: why release on PC?

Consoles always love to boast about the best graphics performance and fastest load times, but we all know the real reason people buy one machine over another is the exclusives; How else do you think Nintendo’s underpowered hardware continues to sell so well?

So, you wouldn’t be strange to think that forgoing this exclusive for PC release would be a bad business decision as well.

For Sony, it would almost certainly be a bad idea if it wanted to go for a day-and-date release on PC and PS5, but so far that doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, Sony is hoping the delayed release will help it make a bigger profit on console-exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

In an interview with GQ, current SIE boss Jim Ryan explained that the cost of making games is high and selling enough copies to break even is more difficult for exclusives because the player pool is much smaller.

This would be especially true with the PS5 considering how many people still can’t get their hands on it thanks to stock issues and scalpers.

For Microsoft, the strategy gets a lot mudder thanks to Windows 11 on PC and Xbox Game Pass, but for Sony, it’s about encouraging gamers to use the PS5 first and then when the game is old enough it disseminates it to the general public.

Over time, we’ll have to wait and see how his PC plans change, but at least we know he’s dedicated to his PC efforts with Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves coming to PC soon. Hopefully games like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man will follow suit as well.

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