Quest 2, PSVR, Pico and PC VR

September has arrived and brings us a stacked month of VR games. Here’s our rundown of all the new VR releases coming to Quest 2, PSVR, PC VR, and Pico platforms in September 2022.

Recent release – Late August 2022

Here’s a quick roundup of the releases from late last month, in case you missed them.

Puzzling Places received a new puzzle as part of a free update on Quest and PSVR, while Tennis League VR launched a free demo on Quest. True VR Fishing fans can jump into the latest DLC release, this time in Japan. Towards the end of the month, Nerf Ultimate Championship launched for Quest 2 – you can read our impressions here.

New VR Games September 2022

Transformers Beyond Reality (September 1 – PSVR)

Originally slated for a March release for PC VR and PSVR, this arcade-style on-rails shooter was delayed indefinitely earlier this year. However, it’s available now with a slight change in release platforms – it’s releasing exclusively on PSVR at the moment, with no PC VR version at the moment. As for release on other platforms, the developers say they will “see what the future holds”, but there are no concrete plans yet.

Intercosmos 2000 (September 1 – Quest 2)

This sequel to 2017’s Interkosmos will see you pilot and manage an experimental space capsule on New Year’s Eve 1999, trying to save humanity from a devastating crash and the infamous Y2K bug. Interkosmos 2000 is out now on Quest 2, with plans for a PC VR and PSVR release later.

Deisim (September 1 – Quest, PC VR)

After a long stint on App Lab and releasing on Pico platforms earlier this year, Deisim is transitioning to the full Quest Store release this month, alongside a release on Steam for PC VR as well. Available for $14.99, Deisim gives you the power of a god, ruling your subjects from above as you help them transition from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution.

Synth Riders – League of Legends DLC (September 1 – Quest, PC VR, PSVR)

The latest DLC for rhythm game Synth Riders has arrived and it teams up with Riot Games’ hugely popular MOBA League of Legends. The music pack includes five tracks, available to purchase individually for $1.99 or as a bundle for $7.99. You can check out the tracklist and read more details here.

ForeVR Cornhole (September 1 – Quest)

The latest in ForeVR’s family sports game series, ForeVR Cornhole brings the popular lawn game cornhole to virtual reality for the first time. There is support for solo play against NPCs or online play with 1v1 and 2v2 matches. It is now available for Meta Quest 2 for $14.99.

Mash Me Up – Open Beta (September 2 – Quest via App Lab)

Mash Me Up is an upcoming online multiplayer VR game from Holonautic, the team known for Hands Physics Lab. This new title pits two players against each other in bite-sized 1v1 online mini-game scenarios. We tried it out at Gamescom and loved what we saw. The full version of the game is to be confirmed, but it is available to try now in beta on Quest via App Lab.

Eolia (September 2 – Quest 2)

Originally slated for release in June, Eolia is the next installment in ROTU’s Rhythm of the Universe series, available exclusively on Quest 2. After Ionia, Eolia supports manual tracking and was designed as a hands-on title. on board”. That being said, it also supports touch controllers, if you prefer. It’s available on the Quest Store now for $14.99.

In the Radius (September 8 – Quest 2)

After launching on PC VR in Early Access over two years ago, Into The Radius is coming to Quest 2 this month. This survival shooter is heavily inspired by the STALKER series – stealth is key to success, with a strong focus on resource and weapon management. It is available on Quest 2 from September 8.

NFL Pro Era (September 15 – Quest 2, PSVR)

NFL Pro Era, the first officially licensed NFL VR game, hits the field later this month. It will include the 32 professional NFL teams and let players take on the role of quarterback. A NFL player Lamar Jackson’s recent tweet revealed a September 15 release date, but didn’t mention the specific platforms. We asked for clarification and will update the article if we receive a response, but the development of Quest 2 and PSVR was confirmed in April.

Ancient Dungeon (September 15 – Quest)

Another version of App Lab is graduated on the official Quest Store. This rogue-lite dungeon crawler has been available in early access for PC VR for some time, alongside an App Lab release for Quest headsets, but it’s moving to an official Quest store on September 15. Keep an eye out for our review later in the month.

Ultimechs (September 15 – Quest 2, Pico, PC VR)

After hits like Demeo, Blaston and Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, Resolution Games’ next VR release is almost here. Ultimechs is a competitive multiplayer VR title that plays much like Rocket League, but with some nice VR twists. It will be available as a free-to-play title on all platforms, with an optional “UltiPass” add-on for cosmetics and bot customization.

Ultimechs will launch for free on Quest 2, PC VR and Pico platforms from September 15th.

Half-Life 2: VR Mod – Public Beta (September 16 – PC VR)

After many years of development, the community-created Half-Life 2 VR mod will launch on September 16th. The mod will allow players to experience all of Half-Life 2 in VR for the first time, from start to finish. It will be available via Steam as a public beta starting September 16 – you can find out more here.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate – Episode 1 (September 22 – Quest 2)

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate – Episode 1 will launch on September 22 for Quest 2 – the first of three planned episodes. Chronos Alternate is the third game set in the Chronos universe, developed by Japanese studio MyDearest. We got to try out a small chunk of the game last month at Gamescom – keep an eye out for first impressions later this week.

VR Requisition – Early Access (PC VR)

Requisition VR is a four-player online co-op survival title that will enter Early Access later this month. Developers say they need “a a few months to add more locations and game modes” before full release, but you can access Early Access on Steam starting September 22, with support for all major PC VR headsets.

And here is our list of new VR games for September 2022! What are you planning to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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