Renovation permit issued for a new gambling operation in the building of the Ex-Des Plaines bank


The large windows of the former downtown Des Plaines bank are now fully covered, hiding the ongoing interior work from view.

Attached to the front door, a notice from the Town of Des Plaines issued on September 14 indicates that a commercial modification permit has been granted for the property. The planned works associated with this permit are “non-load bearing walls / finishes / ceilings and demonstration lighting”.

For the first time in over a year, it looks like the new owners of the old Huntington Bank property with its white marble exterior are starting to move forward. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in Des Plaines.

Their plan, as government officials have told us, is to transform the ground floor of the building where people make deposits and withdrawals into a large area filled with electronic games, monitors, computers and more. ‘other equipment. On the second level, a restaurant and a bar will operate.

The concept will attract customers to a central location where they can rent space inside the building to play electronic sports games against like-minded people, whether they live in the United States or around the world. .

Our search for a year and a half to find the owner of the building whose eyes are on the 94 year old building where high technology will flourish has failed despite our many efforts. However, we received an email from Mr. Bousis which said: “We are not commenting at the moment, thank you. When the time is right, we are happy to find the time to chat.

This individual, George Bousis, originally from Northbrook, made his fortune with the creation of an ecommerce marketplace that helps people with unwanted gift cards take control and get money for those cards. He also owns a business that caters to people who love to play electronic games, which has grown into a big business.

At this point, more details remain on how the downtown property will be used and how it will affect Des Plaines taxpayers and the community.

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