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JEDDAH: As officials from Saudi Arabia’s General Statistics Authority continue preparations for its latest national census, they have warned the public to beware of fraudulent impostors posing as field researchers.

The census is carried out every 10 years to obtain detailed and up-to-date information on the population of the Kingdom, including its demographic, social, employment and economic characteristics. The data collected is vital for planners and decision-makers and will contribute to efforts to achieve the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

GASTAT’s fieldwork for the 2022 census began on January 26 with an address search phase. The actual investigation will begin on May 9.

The authority posted a graphic on its official Twitter account, @stats_saudi, which explained the role of its enumerators in the field during the census and how to verify their identity and report imposters.

GASTAT warns the public against malicious impostors posing as field enumerators. (Provided)

He said the identity verification procedure includes: “Checking the official uniform specified for enumerators in the field, requesting their identity card and contacting us at 920020081.”

Field enumerators play a critical role in conducting the census and require full cooperation and transparency from households once identity is confirmed.

Economy and Planning Minister Faisal Al-Ibrahim previously said, “We currently have 14,000 researchers in the field; by May, we’ll have 40,000. The project entered its first phase of data collection, called “address prospecting,” on January 26. This is considered an essential step towards an accurate and efficient census.

Among other things, the census will estimate employment, unemployment and economic dependency rates, in addition to numerous statistical indicators that reflect ongoing changes in the labor market in the Kingdom.

The data collected will contribute to the process of planning and organizing the labor market, as well as to the development of human resource development programs.

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