Screen Queensland launches video game residency program

Screen Queensland is launching a new residency program designed to support early career game developers as they take their first steps into the industry. The well named Residence Screen Queensland Games will offer 10 game developers (as individuals or teams of up to three people) access to a one-year program that includes a dedicated coworking space, mentorship opportunities, income support through the stipend freelance work and access to industry experts.

The initiative is a collaboration between Screen Queensland and a business development organization Birdifi Bridgeand will be hosted from the SQ’s central studio space, SQhub in Tenerife, Brisbane.

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“Screen Queensland is the first film agency to partner with a self-employment support provider to support start-ups in the industry, and we are proud that Queensland talent is the first to experience such a career-changing opportunity. “said the head of Screen Queensland. Chief Creative Officer Dr. Belinda Burns spoke about the new residency program.

“As the digital games industry in Queensland continues to thrive, we remain strong in our commitment to championing local talent and securing the best possible pathways for professional development and employment.”

The organization sees great potential in promoting early career developers, given the booming global games industry and local Australian industry talent. Mentorship opportunities in particular will open doors for talented newbies and help pave the way for the next generation of game development talent in the state.

Successful applicants to the program will be required to report to the SQhub office for at least 60% of the week (three days) and must commit to the self-employment support program and small business coaching offered. In return, they will be granted 39 weeks of self-employment benefit and housing assistance payments for up to 26 weeks. They will also be eligible for additional funding of $1,000 to cover travel and relocation costs.

You can find out more about the Games Residency and apply on your own, via the SQ website. Applications are open by November 30, 2022integration to begin in December 2022.

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