Some of the best city building games on PC are cheap on Steam

There are plenty of city building games on our home platform, and a lot of them are cheap as part of the ongoing Steam Winter Sale. So if you’re in the mood to establish your own fledgling city – or colony – and watch it thrive, now might be a good time to see what’s going on there.

Tropic 6, Limbic Entertainment’s 2019 city builder puts you in charge of great archipelagos as el presidente, and you can decide whether you’re going to be a dreaded Tropico dictator or a more benevolent leader overseeing a peaceful and prosperous era for it. Island State. The game builds on the series with new transport and infrastructure building options, a “revised” search system, election speech function, and online multiplayer for up to four players. It’s currently half-price on Steam during winter sales, which is £ 17.49 / $ 19.99 at the time of writing, and there are plenty of editions and bundles out there with discounts of up to 65. % on the store page if you want to browse.

Frostpunk, the 2018 city builder from 11-bit studios, brings a big survival touch to the genre. You are in charge of the last remaining city on earth following a volcanic winter that devastated the Alternate World in the late 19th century.

The game covers facets such as establishing the law, developing new technology, exploring the frozen wastelands to make discoveries and boost supply, and making decisions to determine the future of your population, that either as a benevolent leader or as a leader with an iron fist. Choices can have big consequences, and you will have to work hard and think carefully to ensure the survival of your people. It’s currently discounted by 70% on Steam, making it £ 7.49 / $ 8.99 for the base game (Season Pass package is 64%).

Publisher Paradox Interactive’s Survive mars and Survive the consequences, meanwhile, are at 75% and 20%, making them £ 6.74 / $ 7.49 and £ 21.59 / £ 23.99 respectively. Cities: horizons is also 75% off sale in both editions, with the base game £ 5.74 / $ 7.49 and the deluxe edition £ 7.49 / $ 9.99 as of this story.

If you’re looking to browse the rest of the Steam sale, you can find it on the store’s home page. If you are looking for the ultimate games at a low price, check out our list of the best free PC games around.

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