Square Enix president insists on building blockchain games

Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, caused a stir by posting a New Year’s letter a few months ago. Matsuda spent much of his letter discussing his support for NFTs and blockchain, which continue to generate significant controversy from gamers. The very real concerns surrounding NFTs have overshadowed corporate support for them to the point where the public seems to have mostly lost interest in the topic. Despite this, the Square Enix CEO refused to back down, as he said in an interview with Yahoo Japan that he still wants to release “pay-to-win” blockchain games.

In this interview, Matsuda argued that relying solely on traditional games would not remain viable for Square Enix in the long run. It wants to deliver “self-contained gaming content” that motivates players to conjure up “new settings and new ways to play.”

What more did he say?

Once again, Matsuda mentioned the concept of goodwill and stated his belief that blockchain games would provide players with other, more concrete reasons to create content, namely money. The idea that players will produce more meaningful content by treating their endeavors more like a job than a passion project still doesn’t hold much, but alas, Matsuda seems determined to suggest it.

Overall, it seems disappointing, but not at all surprising, that the president of Square Enix still thinks pursuing blockchain gaming is a worthwhile investment. So far, efforts by big companies to introduce NFTs into their games have backfired spectacularly. Even relatively successful blockchain games have unwittingly exposed major problems with this trading method. And given Square Enix’s recent failures with the live service model, aside Final Fantasy XIVit seems highly unlikely that the company will be able to overcome these hurdles and succeed in the blockchain game.

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